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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tim Mullen press release

Tired of the Republicans and Democrats fiddling the same tablature while Culm County burns?

You know, there are alternatives out there.

Help is needed.

Help is needed. Tim Mullen is just a few signatures shy of meeting the minimum threshold to get on the ballot.

Tim Mullen is running for Luzerne County Council. He believes the county needs an independent Libertarian on the Council to help stomp out all the corruption. We have seen a lot of corruption lately, with the FBI searching into nearly every elected official. As we all know, not all the corruption as been found in Luzerne County. Director of Elections, Leonard Piazza has force Tim Mullen to throw out 500 of his signatures for County Council. This is not the fault of Tim doing something wrong, Piazza forgot to certify the Libertarian Party as a Minor Political Party when he certified the Republicans and Democrats. Tim himself received enough votes last year to have the Libertarian Party of Luzerne County to be classified as a Minor Political Party. Piazza didn't certify the Libertarian Party in December with the Democrats and Republican Parties, but after being asked over and over, Piazza finally certified the Libertarian Party as a Minor Political Party at the end of May. Tim needs your signature to get on the ballot.

Tim Mullen has been busy collecting those signatures all over again. He currently has 870 signature but needs a few more. The minimum needed is of 995 signatures to get on the ballot. By throwing out Tim's pervious signatures, Leonard Piazza basically forced Tim Mullen to collect 1500 minimum.

Tim Mullen needs your help, if you have not signed his petition yet, i need you to do so. Tim needs to have over 995 valid signatures by August 1st. This Thursday July 14th, Tim Mullen will be having a signature gathering at Grotto's Pizza in Edwardsville @ 7pm (Route 11, Gateway Plaza). Your one signature, and hopefully your families signatures, will go a long way for Tim to achieve his goal of 995. Tim currently has 870 valid signatures, he just needs a few more and needs you help.

This is also when the Campaign for Liberty meeting is taking place. NEPA Liberty

Tim Mullen highly respects the Campaign for Liberty, him being a member of it for the 3 years. You are welcome to stay for the meeting, they usually have good topics about our Freedoms and Liberties. It is also common to have candidates for various offices speaking at the meeting.

Thursday July 14

@ 7pm

Grotto's Pizza in Edwardsville (on Route 11 in the Gateway Plaza)

Thank you very much, your one signature will mean the world to Tim Mullen.
In Liberty,

Michael Anderson

Campaign Manager

P.S. Remember to vote for Tim Mullen on November 8th, 2011.

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