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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Video Flapdoodle: Red Asphalt III

If you attended those Driver's Ed classes in high school back in the 1970s, you know what those scare flicks were all about.

We'd watch the raw videos shot at the scenes of horrendous car wrecks, and then try not to wretch in front of our classmates. Well, some would try not to wretch.

Some would bury their faces in their hands. Some would retreat to the nearest trash can for a robust puking event. Some others, mostly girls, would wince and sob and whatnot. And at the conclusion of said films, most of the kids wobbling away swore to Allah that they would never, ever operate a motor vehicle.

But there were those of us that would laugh, whistle, applaud and then get put in our places by the thoroughly annoyed, always menacing teachers.

But teach, the dude had a freakin' pipe stickin' right through the center of his chest and he wasn't even dead yet. Awesome!

Needless to say, we were supposed to be scared straight. Nobody told us we were not supposed to be wildly entertained.

Personally, being on welfare at the time and trapped in public housing, I figured that none of this would ever pertain to me simply because the thought of one day owning a vehicle was akin to science fiction. It was kind of like this: Hand-me-downs, rummage sales, oatmeal, hoddogs, powdered milk, government surplus cheese and a new Buick. Pick the one that doesn't fit.

Anyway, if drinking and driving or texting and driving seems to float your ill-fated boat, take a gander at this...

Ah, brings back many fond memories.


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