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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

VACA: Back to Dinosaur Island

They tell me that in the next couple of days, we're loading up and going back...back to Dinosaur Island!

(Key the dramatic music.)

Pic by Kayak Dude
 Actually, we're going island hopping. Exploring. Exploring the Susquehanna River without having to stick with a group or play by the rules of any event organizers. In other words, this is gonna be cool. Way cool.

Rather than sitting around and griping about temporary summer jobs, I'll be out there somewhere enjoying the summer. Imagine that? A blogger getting out and about. Actually doing something. Go figure.

By the way, if I never post again, you can safely assume that I've gone the way of a bowel movement. And a rather large one at that.

A Twitter town hall meeting?

Boy, if George W. Bush had done such a dumb thing...

Then again, Bush had critics whereas this pretend president has only legions of apologists. Legions upon legions, that is.

Still, Twitter?

How presidential.

And this debt ceiling showdown, what gives already?

Here's the scoop.

The Naked Communists, excuse me, the gift-giving Democrats want permission to spend even more money we haven't printed or borrowed just yet. And they also want to create greater revenue streams to piss away by way of increased taxation.

And, in a nutshell, all of this is necessary so as to not have to reduce the size of the government.

So, in effect, the government would continue to gobble up what little remains of the private sector so that it can redistribute some small percentage of the ill begotten funds as a way of stimulating the private sector? That's the plan. No, I'm not making it up, man.

Why do we even bother?

We ought to change our party affiliation, sit at home, enjoy the very best that the multitudinous amounts of safety nets have to offer, drink a ton, sprinkle generous amounts of bath salts on our microwaved brownies and smoke an awful lot of medicinal marijuana. Why fight it anymore?

Become a card-carrying Democrat.

Er, a ward of the growing, a ward of the menacing state.


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