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Friday, July 22, 2011

Would you take a bullet for...

We’ve seen this many times before, when someone bursts onto the scene spewing incendiary accusations and calling people libelous names. And then the obligatory next move seems to be squatting a spot on the Internet so as to further accuse and drop even bigger bombs.

Kudos to Internet Hose Dude for the link.

The link: NEW!! DESSOYE MUST RESIGN (by Mark Robbins)

The excerpt (sort of):
July 20, 2011
Letter: Wilkes-Barre Police Chief Dessoye

Obviously, I cannot speak for Chief Dessoye.

But I can share the following with Mr. Robbins, the guy who parks illegal vehicles illegally in Wilkes-Barre.

Chief Dessoye has been shot while serving the residents of Wilkes-Barre. Chief Dessoye once had his leg broken while serving the residents of Wilkes-Barre. And Chief Dessoye was forced to shoot and kill a man while serving the residents of Wilkes-Barre.

Mr. Robbins, I know you were embarrassed when it came to light that you operate unregistered vehicles lacking timely inspections on the streets of Wilkes-Barre.

But the documented fact is, Chief Dessoye previously took a bullet, and he took it while protecting the residents of this city. And your low-brow caped crusader act is boorish, ill-advised and flat-out ignorant. Face facts, you’re no Steve Flood, even on your best of days when your vehicles are legal.

So go and get your car registered, get it inspected, and leave the closest thing to a hero that Wilkes-Barre has alone.

Would you take a bullet for…?

How unfortunate.

As I have been known to say, idiocy begets more idiocy.

And while it's sad to watch, it is fun to follow it through to it's inevitable implosion. Tim Grier, anyone?


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