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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bang the gong

I’m not sure what all of the contraception hoopla is about, save for the fact that the Dependentcrats want to deflect from the obvious, that you are not better off than you were four years ago. Hell, if it gets any worse, you’re not even better off than your grandparents were decades ago.

I figure we’re not supposed to be annoyed that Barry has brought his trademark Chicago-style corruption and strong-arm thuggery to Washington in order to ram though his massive, union-benefiting welfare-state agenda while the prices of all known basic, must-have commodities continue to soar to new apogees.

He, the gifted all-knowing one, wants us to pay more for gasoline so as to wean us off oil in favor of algae, or pond scum, or soap scum or some other heretofore nonexistent alternative energy. Sorry, but being financially forced to our knees is not the change anybody had hoped for.

And what’s the latest entitlement tally? Free health care. Free condoms. Free contraception. Free college. Free mortgages (we can simply walk away from if it suits us). It’s a free, free free-for-all while we simultaneously delete the U.S. military. I hate to break it to y’all, but drones don’t do urban combat. Only boots can bust down doors.

Still, the party faithful will not admit that Barry’s financially disastrous rule by executive fiat has been a colossal failure. They will begrudgingly admit to being somewhat disappointed, but nothing more. Picayunish, they say. Intellectual dishonesty, I say.

During the run-up to the crowning of the eventual Republican nominee, I’ve watched the media and the GOP candidates themselves vetting away like never before. And I’ve also listened to the glee-filled Democrats as they characterized the GOP candidates as being crazy and what have you.

Personally, I think each and every candidate should be fully vetted, which is a process much unlike what the Democrats did when they spurned Hillary for the presidential candidate with the paper bag over his head.

Let the GOP candidates sling as much mud as they want at each other, allow them to hang it all out there and in the end we’ll have us a tested candidate ready and willing to topple the unknown president.

I’ve believed from the very beginning that Mitt Romney would eventually win out over the rather threadbare field of Republican hopefuls. And if it comes down to Mitt versus Barry, the left and the media will attempt to paint Mitt as being rich, privileged, aloof and not in tune with the hoi polloi such as ourselves.

But the way I see it, nothing says rich, privileged, aloof and not in tune with the hoi polloi such as ourselves as the man, Barry Soreto, who has never in his entire life held down a private sector job. The man who went deaf in the pews every Sunday for twenty years. The man with the photo-shopped birth certificate. The man who’s past reads like a book full of blank pages. The man who should not have been our elected king.

So it’s time to atone for your most recent egregious mistake, my Democrat friends. If it’s Mitt, it’s Mitt. Bring on President Romney. As in, it’s high time that we dispatch with the phony, clueless and destructive man wearing the paper bag.

Bang the gong.


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