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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gort goes viral on WILK

Mr. Henny B. Gort--a lowlife blogger--went and broke this local story just this past Sunday: Kathleen Kane had 15 parking tickets dismissed

And then yesterday it went viral on both the morning and afternoon talk shows on Wilk:News/Facebook/Radio.

While the scoop was attributed to Mr. Gort by Sue Henry, the voluptuous morning talk jock, it was not attributed to it’s rightful source during the afternoon show hosted by The Great One.

Go figure.

I see that all of the kiddies out there in the vast electronic etherlands have hit the big time at last with this one…

The Weekender: Connecting the blogs

Bloggers, readers to gather at NEPA Blog Fest

I’ll betcha that one garners nary a mention during any afternoon on WILK.

I have suffered a lower back injury that makes me somewhat jealous of the multitudes of people addicted to prescription narcotics. As of this moment, I could partake of some oxi-whatever. And a 12-pack chaser.

But, as always, I limit myself to layer after layer of Icy/Hot, over-the-counter aspirin and the vibrating heat pad.

Oh joy.

As far as attending BlogFest is concerned, if I can stand up straight without wincing, I might be there.

I had me an interesting conversation with one of the zealots who wants our Wilkes-Barre City Council members tortured to death.

First of all, I do not vote for the same people over and over, evidenced by the fact that our council has had plenty of turnover and currently has no long-term players.

Secondly, I do not have a problem with their salaries being what they are, nor do I think multiplying that figure by five makes for a huge taxpayer outlay.

And thirdly, yes, acting like a loose cannon at a public meeting is not a way to effect meaningful change. There! I said it again.

While this is not a shot taken at any current member of council, I do have a serious, serious problem with council folk drawing pensions of any kind or any denomination.

With that said, droning on and on and on about these and other taxpayer-provided pensions--especially at public meetings--gets old as well as gets us nowhere.

By way of referendum, the size of city council was reduced. And the process by which we elect council members was drastically altered, also by way of referendum.

What I’m suggesting is…either do something about it, or shut the funk up already!

Banalities and redundancies should not be confused with efficiency or effectiveness.



D.B. Echo said...

Michelle and I just got back from a Blogging Awards presentation in Allentown. The organization that gathered together the addresses of about ninety blogs in the Lehigh Valley, publicized them, and then asked people to vote for their favorites was...the Allentown Morning Call.

This wasn't just a line item on a "best of" list, this was an actual event focused on blogs and blogging in the Lehigh Valley. As I pointed out to the paper's editor, the arrows point both ways, and by giving all this publicity to local bloggers they have also generated considerable (and much-needed) goodwill for their paper among the local blogging community. So far the closest that NEPA media has gotten to this has been a weekly 90-second spot on WBRE, and articles like this one in The Weekended. Imagine if they decided to engage the NEPA blogging community the way the Morning Call has engaged the Lehigh Valley blogging community.

Gort said...

Corbett runs a blogger free radio show and I run a Corbett free Blog