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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You wanted the best and you got it...

...The hottest band in the land...KISS!!!

Yeah, I was there at the Paramount theatre in 1974, when a couple of then-unknown upstart bands---KISS and Rush---opened for the headlining Blue Oyster Cult.

I still repeatedly kick myself over skipping KISS as the headliner at King's College a few years later while they were traveling with Mott the Hoople, or Queen or Rio or some such band as their opening act.

Thing was, Hoople's guitarist left for greener musical pastures and was replaced by my one and only version of a rock 'n' roll god...Mick Ronson of David Bowie fame.

Oh, well. Mick's long since passed, and I still regret my decision to skip that world-class show. I talked to his gracious widow a while back. Gave me chills. The kind that make your short hairs stand on end.

But, but some of those who pass themselves off as tour bus lizards are still kicking. And some of them are very well-read...

Enter Gene Simmons...


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