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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time to join the out-migration?

Once again, another frayed fiber has been torn from the continually unraveling quilt that is, er, that was the public’s confidence in it’s local leadership.

A prominent local attorney is suspected of bilking tens of millions of dollars from other prominent locals. Said prominent local attorney just happens to be the solicitor to the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board, the board that paid the “part-time” solicitor $328,956 in fees for 2011 alone. No, that’s not a typo…$328,956.

If that’s not enough fun to be had, said prominent attorney who is suspected of bilking tens of millions of dollars from other prominent locals is also said to have bankrolled his son’s victorious campaign for elected office. His son has since parlayed that victory into a seat on the county judiciary. But as of today, the early reporting suggests that the son implicated his own dad.

As for the solicitor’s exorbitant 2011 salary, our school board members are going all rope-a-dope on us by trying to pass the blame somewhere down the line, a tactic no doubt learned from our roping, doping and ultra slippery but thankfully former county commissioners.

With all that’s gone on in this corrupt county over the course of the past few years, it’s enough to make a growing man/boy such as myself yearn for five or ten remote acres, a forty-year-old mobile home, a couple of shotguns and a small army of junkyard dogs all waiting my on command to maim and later kill.

Lonesome Cowboy Mark lives!

Said through my hulking wad of chew while staring down a sawed-off 12- gauge…

Boy, you best git yer ass back on down to the main road where it belongs before I take an interest in disfigurin’ you. Yer girlie friend stays. Now git!

L to R: The Cour Boys

Opal! Opal!!! Get me a goll danged beer, you hot 'lil bitch!

Who’ll join me in my “gated,” triangular forward fire base?

Seriously, it might be time to join the out-migration.


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