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Friday, January 6, 2012

Colorado: Proprietary My A$$

Since this was posted at FOX News, I figure most of you leftists (quasi commies) missed it.

Colorado Takes the Lead in Fracking Regulation
With a top government scientist calling for more research into the possible health effects of hydraulic fracturing, Colorado has enacted the toughest fracking disclosure rules in the country.

Companies have been reluctant to reveal exactly what those chemicals they are for fear that competitors will copy what they consider proprietary secrets.

Under an agreement brokered by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper energy companies have agreed to disclose to the public at least the chemical family of each chemical they use. The disclosure must be made within two months on an independent internet database: Anyone can go to the site to look up chemicals used in the fracking of virtually any well in the state of Colorado. Representatives from both the energy industry and environmental groups who were involved in the negotiations credit Hickenlooper, a Democrat and businessman who once worked as a geologist in the energy industry, with bringing the two sides together.


D.B. Echo said...

So as long as our governor is willing to take the lead in ...oh, yeah.

Well, at least with all the tax revenue rolling in from fracking activity, we won't have to worry about a revenue shortf...oh, yeah, again.

Mark Cour said...

I think we need the paddling neo-geologist to weigh in on all of this.

But in my denuded mind, there is a correlation.