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Saturday, January 28, 2012


I've been blogging for twelve-plus years now. I've been at it so long, I can barely recall life before blogging.

I've gone places and done things most people would never even dare to dream about doing. I've met the movers and shakers. I've met those who shape the news. I've met those who report the daily news. And I've had my few fleeting moments of ill-found celebrity.

I've made a gaggle of new friends because of my electronic exploits. And I've also created a still growing army of people who despise me for it.

Still, in retrospect, I think I'm dumb for having done so.



Anonymous said...

Count me in the latter. When you turned on the Fire Dept in favor of Lie-ton, you lost my respect. Look where ole Tommy is now- lying to the press, the public and himself. and his strategy is "run away, run away". Some piece of work you gush all over.

Mark Cour said...


I did not turn my back on the WBFD. In actuality, the WBFD turned it's back on me for daring to disagree with it's stance even once. Glad I could straighten you out on that.

Furthermore, when you folks blatantly bilked the residents out of a million dollars after not writing parking tickets, you lost any moral high ground you might have thought you had.

Name for me a past mayor the WBFD gushed over, and I'll show you a legacy still dripping red ink.

As for Tom Leighton, even if you get your wish and Seal Team 6 kills him and buries him at sea according to his religious beliefs, we still won't be able to afford what the WBFD thinks we should be able to afford. Facts is facts.

3 new engines, 2 new medic units, a new firehouse, renovations, and still the bitterness festers.

It must suck to work in such a purposely-crafted and negative environment: Sleep at the firehouse all night, bitch at the firehouse all day. Bitch, bitch, bitch and bitch, and then expect hero status.

Public sector unions: Can't live with 'em, praying for a way to live without 'em.

Anonymous said...

I don't work for the fire department you pompous ass. You really do think you know it all. Talk about a bitter and vindictive windbag.