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Monday, January 2, 2012


Check the video. A ho-hum 3-yard out pattern goes for a 74-yard TD. Such is life with Victor Cruz on the field.

Right in the beginning, the following video shows a snippet of what we saw from the then undrafted rookie during the 2010 preseason. That said, he never made it onto the field during the 2010 regular season
During the run-up to this season, Eli Manning’s injured safety blanket, WR Steve Smith, took his sure-handed but unspectacular act to the Eagles. At the time, the football pundits said it was their modest gain and our huge loss.

My son reluctantly agreed, but I didn’t necessarily see it that way. I pictured WR Mario Manningham, WR Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz being too much for most any secondary to handle.

With Cruz compiling 1,536 of QB Eli Manning’s 4,933 passing yards (both Jints records), I’d say Victor Cruz’ emergence was exactly one season late.

Anyway, the multitudes of injured are returning. The oft-injured offensive line has now stabilized, as has the once-decimated defense. And with Cruz stretching the opposing defenses, this here 9-7 playoff team could be as dangerous as they want to be. I guess it's all up to offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, who Jints fans less-than-affectionately refer to as Kevin Kill-Drive.

First up: A southern dome team coming north to New York in January.

Here’s hoping it’s blustery and cold as a witches implant.


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