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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Socks for Jocks

Wanna know what pisses me off to no end?

No? Tough, here it comes.

It pisses me off when radio talk show hosts, who cannot generate calls despite the perceived importance of their chosen subject matter, make cracks about how the listening audience must be too easily distracted by things such as American Idol, NASCAR or pro sports in general.

In other words, since they cannot motivate us to call, we're flat-out accused of being easily distracted, stupid, politically lethargic and/or not nearly as engaged in the pressing matters of the day as they are.

First of all, I did not destroy the United States, the self-centered politicians and the know-it-all pundits took care of all of that. And to imply that our undying allegiance to Ricky Rudd or our fascination with any or all facets of pop culture is leading us closer to the abyss is so much tainted swill, even the societal piglets shy away from it.

Let's assume that I pay too much attention to pro football when I could be devoting myself entirely to saving the world. So what? I'm not some former prostitute turned congressional wonk, or some former drug-crazed hippie turned all-knowing proprietor of ever-flowing wisdom.

I'm just some guy who loves barely controlled ultra violence, and I need not be chastised because someone else needs ratings to remain under-employed. In addition to that, even if I was distracted by singing boobs auditioning for other marginally talented singing boobs on television, such a distraction does not a war, a deficit or a partisan divide make.

The so-called know-it-alls of the world are destroying things quite nicely without any of my input, so why take an on-air dump on me when you've set off on some boring radio tangent?

And what, pray tell, do the self-important radio talk show hosts do when they are not on the air covering the important stuff? Uh, do they lock themselves in a room and strategize about how best to save Amerika herself? Or do they drink and dance and twist and strum just like those they would so easily chastise? Do they rub their mutated members up against their pathetic honies, or do they sit alone and click on every single link at Real Clear Politics?

Look, talking about the issues does not a Ghandi make. Conversely, not talking or caring about the issues does not make for a chump, or add to any part of any existing problem.

Do you really want to chastise somebody? Yeah, then chastise those same few insider folks you so predictably go all weak-kneed for.

Or as we used to say back in the day before talk radio, put a sock in it!

As for me...

I'd like to teach the world to sing...


1 comment:

D.B. Echo said...

Wow. What could people be doing that could possibly be more important to them than calling in to a local radio show?