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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday morning one-liners

Somebody wrote something about having a right to gripe. Here goes, strap yourselves in…

The Obamabots tell us that securing our borders is impossible. Nope, cannot be done. Too epic in scope. But in the next breath they tell us that we can alter the climate by way of behavior modification. Idiocy, I call it.

They tell us that there are two Amerikas. The rich and the poor. Commie swill like that. Nah, it’s more like, the gluttonous, growing public sector and the shrinking, indentured private sector.

Let me get my head around this: Because others have more than you, your solution to this supposed inequity is to occupy a sidewalk for a year or two? Yeah, let me know how that works out.

The prevaricating puppet in D.C. claims he opened “thousands of acres” to oil and gas drilling. That’s cute and all, but why not open the areas known to be reservoirs to drilling?

Oh, and after three years, the ambivalent one is still yammering on about creating jobs, as if he knows anything at all about it. But since we have no industry to speak of, job creation has been limited to the public sector which produces nothing.

The clueless despot also says all children should be required by law to remain in high school until they either graduate or arrive at their 18th birthday. So if they absolutely do not want to be there and have no interest in learning, forcing them to hang around helps whom?

If ObamaCare is going to be so wonderful, then why is the Fedrule Govmint handing out so many exemptions to companies from sea to greenish sea?

The so-called “economic stimulus” sure created a lot of jobs. As in, temporary jobs that have since disappeared as green company after green start-up have all gone bankrupt. Bought any solar panels lately? Wind turbines? Beet-powered cars?

And the Chevy Volt, the Chevy Volt is so bad, it actually makes 5-dollar a gallon gasoline sound good. More stimulus gone wrong.

Despite the fact that average Amerikans need the government’s permission to do their jobs, the Nirvana seekers on the left point to the financial crisis as an excuse for needing more regulations. In New York, what I do on a daily basis at Pennsylvania work sites is illegal. In New York, by law, two people are required to do what I do. The reason? Safety. During my career, I have missed one work day due to a work-related injury.

Despite a $16 trillion deficit (probably 18 by today), the secular socialists (democrats) think that providing a free college education would be a great idea. Well, during an election year it’s a great idea.

Despite the fact that all of Europe is in a demographic and socioeconomic death spiral, we still have left-leaning politicians modeling their vision of Amerika on facets of Europe’s inarguably failed model.

On a more local note, we have to vote for somebody or other in a couple of months. Does anybody have any idea about when this gerrymandering nonsense will actually be accomplished? What district do I reside in? Who can I vote for? Will Wilkes-Barre and Erie be in the same voting district?

Anywho, see what happens when there is no football or American Idol to distract me? Be careful what you wish for.


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