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Monday, January 23, 2012

Jintszilla II?

Yep, the Jints are heading back to the Super Bowl to tarnish Tom Brady's stalled legacy all over again. Old news, I know.

But, what I wrote yesterday was spot-on...

The running games are about equal. Both defenses can bring a big pass rush with their front four. If the Giants take TE Vernon Davis out of the mix to a large degree, the 49ers wide receivers are not talented enough to pick up the slack.

The edge at quarterback has to go to Eli and the Giants. And I think the three-headed wide receiver beast--Nicks, Cruz & Manningham--are coming into their own and becoming too much for most any NFL secondary to handle for sixty minutes.

The 49ers had all of 12 completed passes during nearly five quarters of football. A whole 12. And they were distributed as follows...Gore 6-45, V.Davis 3-112, Walker 2-36, Crabtree 1-3.

So the Jints did not control Vernon Davis as I had hoped for, which adds them to a very long list of teams that could not. But, if you subtract the six receptions by the running back and the two receptions the other tight end managed, that leaves a whopping one reception coming from San Fran's inept, practically nebbish wide receivers. One.

In addition, the Giants' trio of wide receivers were just too much for that stout San Fran defense to handle. Actually, that defense played well enough, that defense deserved to go on to the Super Bowl.

So, to my persistent email hater, know that I have forgotten more about football than you will ever learn from your red-headed step-sister.

Oh, no! The Eagles signed away Steve Smith!

So, can that patchwork, that work-in-progress of a secondary up New England way handle the Giants' trio of wide receivers? It seems highly doubtful.

And if the striking parallels between the Jints' '07 and '11 seasons aren't eery enough already, know that Tommy the Ken Doll Brady is going to have his uniform dirtied and bloodied all over again, just like he last did in the '08 Super Bowl.

Somebody cue the music for Jintszilla.

On a whole other subject, I am not nor have I ever been a big fan of college football. In my damaged mind, college football is the minor leagues.

With that stated, I have never been a fan of Penn State football. Penn State, to me, always seemed kind of slow and plodding along. Almost a throwback to the days of black-and-white and leather helmets. Almost outdated.

But I always recognized and respected what Joe Paterno did for that institution and what he meant to that institution. And if I was a member of that board of trustees right about now, I'd have a very hard time looking at my despicable self in the mirror.

May he rest in peace, despite what Penn State did to him.

Sez me.


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