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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feelin' stupid right about now?

Ever since the puzzling murder on Hill Street late last week, I have been bombarded by a steady stream of faux angst, rampant rumor, mindless speculation, specious argument, disparagement borne of impatience and broadsides fired at the mayor, the police department and the police chief of this city.

Well, well, well…

From the Citizens‘ Voice: Police search Wilkes-Barre home near deadly shooting

Neighbors said the friend and his family have not been seen in the neighborhood since the night of the shooting.

Read more: Police search Wilkes-Barre home near deadly shooting

At this point, the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader should deny it’s readers the chance to comment on it’s news stories, because it’s beyond obvious that anonymity invites the aforementioned friable gibberish as well as provides beer muscles to the cloaked feeble-minded.

We had a local print reporter prematurely attempt to stir up the populace. We had a local radio talk show host try to inject race into the already perplexing circumstances. We had the equivalent of anonymous callers providing useless conjecture. And we had print readers providing inept commentary the likes of which would cause me great embarrassment had my name been attached to them.

Since Friday morning, I’ve heard and read every possible misrepresentation presented as a possible half-truth, every possible misinformation being given as fact and every conceivable city official being given an undeserved electronic tongue-lashing.

Turns out, all we had to do was remain patient, bite our tongues a tad and allow the authorities to thoroughly investigate the matter.

But NO!!!!!!!!

At this point, the lot of you should be feeling plenty stupid.

Sez me.


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