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Monday, April 16, 2012

BOLO: Termite Dude

I get the following questions over and over and over again.

How do you know if you have termites? And, What do you look for?

Easy. If your structural members such as the header board, sill plate, floor joists and the subflooring are exposed and visible, you look for mud tubing.

Temites will not expose themselves to the elements and travel through mud tubes they construct out of soil and mositure. They will travel over what they cannot not eat, and over cellulose elements not up to their moisture preferences.

If your perimeter structural elements are not exposed, good luck with that.

Would you crawl on in there?

I did. Nope. No skeletons.

Citizens' Voice: Police searching for Hazle Township bank robber

That link is the lead-in. Here's the scoop.

I was working on Diamond Avenue in Hazleton today. Way down on the outskirts of town in the shadow of the surface-mining mountains. I arrived on scene just before 8 AM, and I found my way back to Wilkes-Barre a little after 4 PM. Upon my return to Wilkes-Barre, it was nice to hear the English language being spoken again.

Anyway, at a quarter to ten, this state police helicopter starts circling the neighborhood. And as it circled slower, it got lower and lower. I figured they were looking for somebody that had run afoul of the law. And then it circles one more time and comes to a hover with the pilots looking down at me. So I waved to them.

Only seconds later, a state trooper came stomping on down the side of the house I was working at. And just as soon as he laid eyes on me, he blurted something into his radio as both he and the chopper headed down the street quite a ways.

And then it hit me. Those guys in the chopper were eyeballing me. I figure I must have matched a description of some creep.

Turns out, the description was as follows: approximately 6 feet tall, thin build and brown hair. Yikes! A little too close for comfort. Although, it said nothing about a half-inch hammer drill.

Interestingly enough, the bank robber was said to be wearing a surgical mask when he knocked off the PNC branch. A surgical mask just like the few I have in my truck's cab.

I plead the fifth!



D.B. Echo said...

Would you mind giving us a list of the locations of all the jobs you've worked on recently, so we can cross-check it against the list of bank robberies? Thanks, you're so super!

I've come to the conclusion that being a contractor with a van and a ladder would be the best cover for burglars. You've got plenty of space to stash cut-out copper pipes and stuff, and people are less likely to question such a person going in and out of a residence, even through a second-story window. After I came to this realization I noticed the huge number of unmarked white vans with ladders on top prowling the streets of Nanticoke.

Mark Cour said...

One more simply need to look and act like you belong there. And if you do, most folks would never question you.