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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Intemperate musings from the Markie Cave

This is different.


Since the Democrats went and elected some unknown president from Allah only knows where, I figure the rest of us can play the same dangerous game.

Pick a name, any name.

Hope and change will be yours.

I see that our increasingly petulant child king is now telling the Supreme Court--a distinctly separate branch of the Fedrule Govmint--what it ought and ought not do. Always wagging that finger, he is.

Oh, and then he attacked a proposed Republican budget as being “thinly veiled social Darwinism.“

For those of you who graduated from G.A.R. with a forged GED certificate, that means if we scale back King Oblahblah’s record spending levels in an attempt to not bankrupt the country by later on tonight, that’s really bad.

He also went on to say that Republicans are in favor of spoiling our water, our air, our food and our ecotricity (whatever that is).

He is petulant, dogmatic, divisive, incompetent and totally dishonest.

Sez me.

Comment Policy

I encourage readers to post their thoughts here, even if they take me to task. I really do. Have at it. Bring it!

But I’m not going to post comments on a person’s weight and the like. Some of us are thin. Some of us are not. But I’d rather we stick with the issues, or the politics or whatever. Not something that will get some half-wit looking to sue somebody.

We can fight. Personally, I like fighting. One of the few things I was ever truly good at...fighting.

But let’s fight smart, shall we?

From the email inbox:

Only an ASSH*LE like you would make fun of people who are putting together a unique NEPA event that would benefit a local charity. Get over yourself homie.

Au contraire. I did not “make fun” of anyone. I merely stated that I thought this BlogCon thing sounded kind of silly.

In addition, with two BlogFests a year plus the Operatic/Naked Cage Fight Society forays, over saturation comes to mind. Why not once-a-month?

Look, y’all can do whatever you want. Decorate the hall, sing, dance and strum yourselves to orgasm. Whatever. Just don’t expect me to ever consider biting my lip.

As for the ghetto parlance, it makes me noticeably cringe no matter who uses it. But it sounds really, really, really lame coming from white folks. Especially when coming from so-called ‘adult’ whites.

Sup wit dat?

I think Gort has been all over this brewing Holden/Cartright primary scrum. But the more I read about these two candidates, the more I find myself thinking…who?

Let’s see, we’ve got the incumbent who lives so far away, he’d probably need to purchase a Leer jet to “serve” us up here in the culm belt.

And then we’ve got this other guy who, who, who…who?

Alas, since the congressional districts were gerrymandered to the point of looking like an aroused octopus fully erect and ready to engage, I figure those back room political peddlers should be punished by having that imported congressman of theirs unceremoniously thrown out of office.

That’s what I’m thinking.