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Sunday, April 8, 2012

That fence in the Netherlands beckons me

First off, I could really care less about the ongoing religious holiday.

I have no heartwarming thoughts, nor any profundities to offer.

It's been two weeks to the day since my lower back went off on it's freak out session, making it the longest such stretch of uninterrupted pain I have ever experienced. And mind you, the longest such stretch of uninterupted pain I have tried to work through save for the last two work days.

I've employed the Icy/Hot patches, the Icy/Hot cream, good old-fashioned ice, 2 narcotics in the form of pills and my newly-acquired T.E.N.S. unit. And after two tortuous weeks, I am pain-free and ready to rock. 'Bout time.

Anyway, when I was a boy I spurned numerous trips abroad to spend my summers with my beloved grandparents at Harveys Lake, PA. In retrospect, I wouldn't change a thing if I could.

And with the advent of the now-aged Internet, I decided a long time ago that I have absolutely no interest in traveling abroad being that I live in the only country I would ever want to live in.

But, there are exceptions to every rule. So if I were to travel overseas, I could see myself at Princess Juliana International Airport at Sint Maarteen, Netherlands. Further, after a couple of dozen trendy agricultural amusement aides were consumed, I could envision myself desperately clinging to a violently convulsing chain-link fence.



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