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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday morning musings

Jints news…

Eli Manning will host Saturday Night Live on May 5, making him only the third NFL quarterback to ever do so after Tom Brady and big brother Peyton Manning.

After receiving a vulgarity-laced comment not suitable for publication, yes, let’s go there.

Being that Mayor Tom Leighton’s recent proposal to lease the city’s many parking amenities provides me with far more questions than answers, I decided to impersonate an adult by stifling the urge to speculate. And from what I’ve been reading, apparently many others should try making with the adult bit. Believe me, it doesn’t hurt at all.

And to really seal the deal, to give many the mistaken impression that I am in fact a card-carrying grownup, I didn’t even lash out against something I do not completely understand just yet. How ‘bout that?

As far as the lynch mobs getting after J.J. Murphy over his consultancy fees is concerned, I offer the following.

I know J.J. Murphy. And if you were to find yourself in a room with J.J., trust me, that would make you the second-smartest person in said room.

Now, despite what the Republicans posing as selfless reformers in this city would have you believe, he is passionate about Wilkes-Barre and the surrounding environs. He wants what you and I want; to see his adopted city flourish. In a nutshell, he is not the evil incarnate some would make him out to be.

If those comments of mine infuriate you, well, then fire off some more incendiary filth from the relative safety of Anonymity Ville.

As to the county manager’s decision to discorporate Luzerne County from the Hotel Sterling fiasco, I could not be happier.

Sure, that seems to indicate that any impending demolition of the failing structure would fall to The City of Wilkes-Barre to finance. And I’m not entirely sure as of this scribbling how the estimated $1 million in funding could be culled together.

But if the funding could be cobbled together and the building were to be shipped off to the landfill, the city would do what was necessary to take ownership of the property.

Coupled with the new riverfront amenities as well as the soon-to-unfold River Street streetscape project, methinks the marketability of that property soars to a new and dizzying apogee.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. I realize you’re beyond blinded by the overwhelming negativity that is a birthright in this area. Nothing will work. Everything will fail. We can’t do it. Nobody loves us. Boo-effing-hoo.

They told us the theater would fail. It’s booming during a sugar-coated economic depression.

They told us the newly configured skating facility at Coal Street was a waste of resources. The parking lot is full each and every day.

They told us an Arena was not workable in these here demented parts. Still, it attracts world-class entertainment each and every month.

They once told us that our downtown Boscov’s should be bulldozed and replaced by boutique shops. Boscov’s recently reported a sales increase of 16% during said economic depression.

I know. I know. Nothing will work. Everything will fail. We can’t do it. Nobody loves us. Boo-effing-hoo.

But what I’m selling is, if the City can fund the demolition, and if the City can claim ownership of the site coupled with the existing and coming improvements but a few yards removed, then we’re going to see a new downtown pearl rise from the ashes of the former pearl that was The Hotel Sterling.

Too optimistic?

Or too close to reality?


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