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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday morning one-liners

From what I’m reading and seeing, the latest intsallment of BlogFest was a rousing success. Not surprised. But I would have liked to have been there.

The reason I didn’t make it there? Salesman. Salesman see every job they sell as being easy, not labor-intensive or time-consuming. Nope, every job is easy. So, there I was trapped in the Valmont industrial park by yet another easy job.

If I did make it there, I would have posed with that enormous pink pig and posted the picture as being of me and my date, Opal. C'mon, baby. How's about a lil' peck on the cheek?

Just saying.

Unlike in this area, down Allentown way, bloggers are not treated by the local media as if contact with them necessitates ‘side-effects include’ warnings.

The Morning Call awards top local bloggers in 18 categories

Speaking of the local media, iffin’ you’re concerned at all about the environmental impact of fracking, take a peek at this spot-on editorial from The Daily Item.

How many canaries must die?

Suddenly, the blonde Beatles---The Police---come to mind…

"You live your life like a canary in a coalmine."

Private message to Kayak Dude: (if you are not said person, do not read the following): Dude, how about taking along a caged canary when next we paddle in protest?

I found the following at that Wicki-what-the-funk-pedia depository of all known things. And quite frankly, I am as shocked as I am heartsick.

On Patrick Murphy, candidate for PA state attorney general…

On February 13, 2008 he was the only member of the House to vote against a resolution congratulating the New York Giants for the team's victory in Super Bowl XLII. “As a former 700-level security guard and lifelong Eagles fan, I couldn’t, in good conscience, vote for the New York Giants”, Murphy later stated. “The only thing worse would have been a resolution honoring the Dallas Cowboys."

Yes, kiddies, as a former elected official, he has a record. Or in this case, as it pertains to this voter---a big green albatross.

“If you were a giant, you could be a New York Giant, which would be a very powerful giant indeed.”---Tom Chapin

Then again, I could drink with a guy who loathes those overrated pricks from Dallas, Texas.

Speaking of Patrick Murphy, published rumor has it that he’s interested in purchasing a wide swath of Wilkes-Barre.

And this is exactly why the reputable polibloggers are still kept at arms length by many, because some anonymous, ill-prepared and misguided person still chooses to publish unsubstantiated rumors.

Thanks, dolt. Keep up the piss-poor work.

Gort, make sure this guy isn’t invited to the Operatic/Naked Cage Fight Society function slated for September 21st. Because if he does attend, I might have to agree to be completely disagreeable. And then some.


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Kayak Dude said...

Markie: I was thinking more like a turkey vulture.