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Thursday, April 19, 2012

N-Bombs as public discourse?

I just turned this thingamabob back on so as to escape to the relative safety of fantasy baseball.

Say what you will about that, but it's fraught with far less danger than seeking out any fantasies in Columbian hotel rooms.

Anywho, the following comment from a reader was waiting for me in the moderation bin...

I've been reading your blog for a long time and glad to see that you show that Obama is a dog eating ni**er. Probably eats rats to.

Join us at Stormfront on 'Dog on roof' crowd takes egg to face

The N-Bomb was edited by me, Markie.

My first point was that eating a dog is a tad worse than making a dog take up a seat on the roof of the family station wagon. Secondly, I hoped it would make the folks desperately trying to deflect from Oblahblah's atrocious record give it up with the 'dog on roof' foolishness already.

I will not now, nor will I ever join anyone at Stormfront, or anywhere else where the feeble-minded go to revel in their shared hatred--their foolish rules of ancient date.

Faux superiority borne of stereotype, fear and division is a match that I hope never finds any societal accelerants. And if I may, civility is the lubricant of society.

N-Bombs! I ask for some mild feedback and instead I get idiocy in strong doses.


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