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Monday, May 28, 2012

Fatal drift

On a typical "three-day" holiday weekend, I replace the batteries in my portable police scanner.

When the hoi-polloi know they have that extra day and/or night by which to consume enough alcohol to inebriate themselves two or three times over, Scanner Land can be wildly entertaining.

That said, you will never see a better argument for the wearing of seatbelts than you will when this minute-long video switches to slow-motion.

No paramedics needed with that one. No need to "put an X on it." That's a 10-45...Notify coroner.

At the risk of sounding like an Ad Council devotee, Buckle Up!



Aggie95 said...

8:15 A.M. .... so far no shootings .... stabbings ..... rapes .... so far but it is Wilkes Barre so I have high hopes

Mark Cour said...

Nah, too early.

They have to sleep-off last night's damage. Out of bed by noon or so. Drinking again by 1 or 2 PM.
Party all night, sleep all day.

Hey, I just accurately described life in public housing today. Then again, that's become life in our new entitlement society.

Those oodles and oodles of safety nets sure provide for plenty of slacking.


Aggie95 said...

Makes me wonder if I should have taken a different path in life .... They keep telling me we need to do more for the poor ....I always ask them what poor ....they then become outraged at my mean nasty evil foul Republican heart or the apparent lack of one ....I laugh and tell them when our poor live in 3 bedroom homes in the burbs ....with Ac....cell phones ....running water .... free food ..... free rent ..... free medical .... cars and 150.00 sneakers we have no poor and also poor is NOT relative to location ....then they really get mad

Mark Cour said...

Termites have no trouble at all penetrating structures of the slab-on-grade variety, which includes 99% of the public housing projects out there. Needless to say, I spend a heckuva lot of time in said projects.

If people could see what I see on a regular basis, they would stone the politicians (Dems) yammering on and on about the "poor."

For instance, I own an Ion digital DJ station that set me back in excess of $500. I have yet to see one in a private home. Yet, I have spied 3 of the exact same units in public housing.

Boy, welfare as I remember it; Koolaide, govt-surplus cheese, sub-par health care, hoddogs, oatmeal, Econo-Buy brand and powdered milk are definately a thing of the much more frugal past.

It all makes me sad when I think about where we are headed.


Aggie95 said...

Yea I know what you mean. My family have lived in the valley for more than 250 years and it seems the only thing we can claim to have had ant success at was our ability to out breed the average roach. My Dad left the family when I was 10 leaving Mom with 7 kids to raise on her own .... I thought U.S. Government was a brand name ...U.S. Government beef .... U.S. Government corn ..... she went back to school got her GED ...went to kings carried 2 majors ...graduated cum laude .... I went to Texas back in 80 under the peanut farmer ...left PA in a 50.00 car ...70 cash ....a can of tuna fish can opener .... came back with a degree from A&M in Soc ....still poor but I own my own shack