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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An open letter from an ant

I wanted to comment on Gort’s most recent post: Bloggers are reluctant and accidental Committeemen

While I consider this comment from Gort about yours-not-so-truly to be spot-on accurate, it did crack me up…

If he does win the ping pong ball selection and follows through he will be as welcomed at a 6th District Republican Committee meeting like ants at a picnic.

Truth be told, when I spoke to the GOP honcho about getting involved, I did warn him of my strong, strong suspicion that most of the diehard Republicans in this one-party city “probably hate my ass.” Not that I care none too much.

In these here parts, this is all that is required of a resident to win an elected office: Register as a Democrat. Have all of your friends and relatives sign your petition. Buy a gross of election yard signs. Then win the primary and a victory over the Republican opponent (assuming there is one) in the fall is all but guaranteed. Voila!

And what I find most disturbing is that that most minimal of efforts is all it takes to keep the Luzerne County Republicans on an equal footing with the folks suffering with leprosy.

To recap: Register, signatures, yard signs, primary challenge and BANG!…you’re an elected “leader.” The GOP does not matter.

So, if I am to become an interloping ant at the GOP picnic, keep in mind that I am no soil ant. Rather, I am the carpenter ant with the powerful mandibles.

And if it’s not in the cards for me, fine. The Republicans in this town don’t need any assistance from me to continue on with their anemic ways.

If the strong-willed and energetic neophytes are not welcome, I would have to conclude that the party is not serious about growing from the ground up.


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Aggie95 said...

I think the only person suggesting you may not be welcome is Gort