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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday night musings

No, I ain't dead. Sorry to get your hopes up. I merely took a few days off from all of this Internet tomfoolery so as to chill and recharge just a tad.

They, whoever they are, say that termites cause in excess of $5 billion in property damage in the continental United States each and every year. When I got home yesterday afternoon, I felt as if I had personally responded to every one of those damage claims. For the past fifteen months, ever since the Pest Control Technology ‘technician of the year’ issue in which I was lauded, it has been rugged. Great sales tools, these awards.

I see the clueless anarchists are at it again, this time in Chicago. Somebody said somebody was meeting somewhere, so life’s slackers were off in hopes of securing some useless gotcha videos, while the city absorbs tens of thousands in overtime costs as a result.

What that video and the countless others like it say to me is that we need more police officers on the streets, and police officers sporting far, far less restraint. Injure just a few of them, and the rest will run home to cuddle with their skateboards.

And don’t give me any jive feedback on all of this needless protesting. Back when I could have been protesting just for the sport and the fun of it, I was instead managing a business, raising three kids and hanging out at a Little League field. You know, getting on with things by pretending to be an adult.

Locally, I see our new county executive, Robert Lawton, is not real keen on wasting millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars.

To the pathetic multitudes of hangers-on who told us that government cannot be run like a business, please mix alcohol and prescription drugs in large quantities. Do it.

And what’s this? Our former commissioner turned county councilman is taking the saving of millions of taxpayer dollars very hard? Uh, taking it personally?

Wow! Somebody better check on the ratio of methane to oxygen in the courthouse atmosphere before our entire legislative body goes all loopy on us.

Sometime Tuesday, through my employer, I will be taking receipt of a new Ford 250/XL. In addition, it will be sporting our new paint scheme as well as the new logo. Those light blue trucks with the god awful stripes, those rolling billboards are being rapidly replaced. In fact, we are replacing our entire fleet. How’s that for a capital outlay?

Yes, “America’s Finest” has spread from it’s base of Reading, Pennsylvania into 33 states, Mexico and now Canada. We are now a North American company.

And finally, to our city council…business trips without receipts for reimbursement upon return is a huge no-no no matter which way it’s twisted all pretzel-like.

I know. I know. A government cannot be run like a business. Nope.

Not until it’s forced to, that is.


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D.B. Echo said...

Imagine if all of those dopes in that video were exercising their Second Amendment rights!