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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Waco documentary

Agree, disagree...whatever.

“Waco - Rules of Engagement”

Parts 2 through 6 can be linked to in the view box at the conclusion of this first installment.

I derived two disturbing things from this interesting documentary.

The first was how completely sidetracked and out-of-the-loop people can get when they become totally absorbed in ancient religious rule books, the authors of which are still the subject of centuries-old debates.

Secondly, I was struck by the carved-in-stone correct notion that only the people toting the Bibles could be surrounded, put under military siege for 51 politically-embarrassing days and then later executed at the hand of Fedrule agents in the land of the free---the United States. All other religious persuasions and perversions and obvious excesses are to be tolerated no matter what, they tell us, while those heartland red-state folks, steadfast adherents of whichever version of the Bible are deemed to be enemies of the (Democrats) state.

In a perfect world, Bill Clinton and Janet Reno head to the same hoosegow after the congressional hearings.

It all makes Ruby Ridge look like fun.

And it all makes the Oklahoma City bombing seem totally avoidable.


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