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Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 General Election redux: Morgan will cruise to victory

I love reading defunct blogs. That is, I love reading defunct political blogs of a decidedly local nature.

And while defunct political blogs of a decidedly local nature may or may not be indigenous to Northeastern Pennsylvania, we sure seem to have a copious amount of said depositories of half-baked, nonsensical punditry.

Anyway, I was making my way through a handfull of mothballed political blogs when I ran across this bit of election year prognosticaing at One Vote Counts, one of those blogs that appeared before an election cycle, and then went dormant immediately after that very same election cycle.

Check this hilariously inept snippet:

The controller's race is a different story. Bob Morgan faced no opposition in the primary and appears to be a strong candidate. Walter Griffith, on the other hand, is a poor candidate whose only appeal is his misleading pledge to be a "full time" controller, and the fact that he has read the county code from cover to cover. We hate to break this to him, but there's a big difference between reading and understanding. Where we have no doubt that Griffith read the code from cover to cover, his actions throughout the past few years have shown, also with no doubt that he does not comprehend or understand what he read.

Morgan will outspend Griifth by a considerable margin. He has the ability to raise a lot of money, whereas Griffith does not. Griffith is thought of as something of a parlor joke within the GOP money circle in Luzerne County, so don't expect the big checks to flow into the Griifth war chest.

Griffith won the primary on name recognition alone. His name has been on the ballot and in the news for the past few years. The name reconition factor is obvious by the fact that former Democratic county commissioner Edd Brominski finished a strong second on the GOP side. Voters knew the name.

Voters focused primarily and almost exclusively on the judicial races, and we'd be willing to wager the UNIVAC 3000 on the fact that most voters didn't even realize there was a race for controller or prothonotary on the ballot until the screen appeared on the ES&S iVotronic touch screen voting system. In these types of races, name recognition always triumphs.

Griffith will be outmatched by organization and money come November, and Bob Morgan will cruise to victory. The GOP missed an opportunity here to take over the controller seat, which in all likelihood will remain an elected position when the county final turns to home rule.

Posted by Norton The Blogger

Just in case you've been on an extended vacation in the Carribean, enjoying substances that are still illegal in these parts, and far too stoned to comprehend a printed or electronic page, Walter Griffith is currently the elected controller here in Luzerne County. So I guess there's an obvious reason why some blog authors run screaming from their political blogs just about as soon as the electorate speaks.

As a seasoned veteran of these here blog wars, I can give you a hint as to which political blogs will be short-lived. Ready?

The political blogs written by anonymous authors are the ones that typically go belly-up faster than a democrat can author a bill creating a new entitlement. The anonymous find it easy to run away from their words, the exact reason they so often have to...because they don't have the required cognitive processes, the political wherewithal, or the proper motivation in the first place.

More often than not, these are the people who couldn't organize a circle-jerk if they were an undercover member of NAMBLA taking in a Boy Scout jamboree.

Good call, Norton...Griffith hadn't a prayer.


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