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Sunday, January 31, 2010

RiverFest 2010

I visited the River Common site to see is it's been updated of late. Last time I checked, it was kind of threadbare whereas the listing of upcoming events was concerned. Turns out, it has been updated.

What I was actually looking for, I found. The 2010 Wyoming Valley RiverFest will be held June 18-June 20 on both sides of the river at Nesbitt Park and River Common. There's even a link to the 2010 RiverFest Facebook page, which I am not even remotely interested in.

I once wrote that to change your perspective of the river and the valley it winds through, you really need to get out on that river. You see, it's a whole other undiscovered world when you're not restricted to staring down at it from a bridge, or skipping stones across it from it's shoreline.

Pic: Grandson Zach at 2008 RiverFest

It's teeming with wildlife and insects, which suggests that it's slowly regenerating itself, er, getting cleaner. Yes, it needs to have those combined sewage outflows replaced. Yep, the Butler Mine Tunnel is still an issue, as is acid mine drainage. But when first I paddled it, I thought, boy, if we could only address those pollution issues...if we could only help the river all the way back to it's originally pristine state, what a wonderful resource.

And what a wonderful recreational resource it indeed would be if only those pesky sources of contaminants could be eliminated. When I was a kid growing up in the Derby, CT area, we had a state park nestled right on the banks of the local river, Indian Wells, I believe. We'd pack up the Chevelle, drive a mile or two up the banks of the river and Voila!...a day at the beach.

And if we could secure the necessary monies to eliminate those sources of pollution, who's to say that scenario couldn't play itself out in this valley one day. Pack up the hybrid, drive a mile or two down to Nesbitt Park and Voila!...a day at the beach. And don't say it can't happen here. The only limit to your imagination is you. And the only limit to our ability is our imagination.

Anyway, if you've never participated in RiverFest, with all of the new amenities added to the equation, the time is definitely right to get on out there and paddle the Susquehanna River. And, no, you're not going to drown.

Wifey drives me crazy with that irrational fear of hers.

From the Citizens' Voice:

Master plan in works for W-B trail system
Published: January 30, 2010

The City of Wilkes-Barre, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and the Anthracite Scenic Trails Association, is in the process of preparing a Trail/Greenway Master Plan for a citywide trail system.

The project is expected to not only spur eco-tourism in the region, but provide free accessible walking and bicycling opportunities within the city.

The partners are seeking public comment on the final draft map of the master plan. A brief survey and map are available for viewing at the following Wilkes-Barre locations: YMCA, 40 W. Northampton St.; and Barnes & Noble, 7 S. Main St. The map and surveys will be available for two weeks from Monday to Feb. 15.

Anyone with questions can contact Janet Sweeney of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council at 718-6507 or

Check it out:

Funny though, Wifey said if they were planning a citywide trail system, why didn't they also consult with Wilkes-Barre's preeminent bicyclist? Namely, me.

I don't pay too much attention to the odometer anymore (not sure why), but I always top out over 3,000 miles pedaled a year. And in 2005 and 2006, I pedaled over 4,000 miles. And as we all know by now, the bike about adventures not only start in Wilkes-Barre, they go through Wilkes-Barre and are sometimes limited to Wilkes-Barre. Whatever.

Admittedly, this has been a decidedly "green" post, so please, spare me the 'Markie's gone all tree hugger on us' jokes. Truth is, I freaking hate trees. Too green.

Oh, and if you have any further questions about the upcoming river event, feel free to contact me.


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