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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama and the F word

State of the Union

Well, I watched it. At least, some of it. What I saw was a petulant, arrogant, condescending and oft-chastising know-it-all who's first year as president was known more for his multitudinous amounts of television appearances, his multitudinous number of feel-good meaningless speeches and his too-many-to-count golfing forays.

But when he uttered the F word, when he used that word, off went the television.

Your first clue that a politician is lying through their teeth is when they start yammering on and on about how they're fighting (the big one, the F word) for us. They are not "fighting" for us. They're fighting for the folks who keep their campaign war chests stuffed aplenty. And they're always fighting for their jobs, preparing for their next re-election challenge.

So, to Obama's claim that he's going to fight for us, I would ask, so what took you so long? Why did it take over a year for it to occur to you to fight for us?

Oh, well, you see, the mounting upset losses at the polls, coupled with the horrible polling numbers, throw in the growing legions of unemployed, plus the simmering voter discontent means that Obama has to make with the head of the party bit during an election year.

He's not fighting for you. And he's not fighting for me or any of mine. He's fighting to save his party an awful bloodletting come November. Therein, he's also fighting hard to save his inexperienced, pathetic self. It's all self-centered, populist prevarication.

A jobs bill? A jobs bill? What Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will brainstorm for an hour and a half and then introduce legislation that will create millions upon millions of jobs? They had a bullet-proof, a filibuster-proof majority and couldn't rework the health care system. What would make anyone believe that those two blithering nincompoops could capably manage a rubber dog sh*t manufacturing plant?

This is so much complete BS, it's hard to fathom.

Yeah, a jobs bill. Allow me to guess. They'll offer incremental tax breaks to anyone willing to build solar-powered vibrators, or perhaps wind-powered DVD players. More offers of useless, meaningless "green" tax breaks, but not a mention of what would rel ally stimulate the economy--some certainty. Some predictability. Confidence. Or even an administration that wasn't so completely and outwardly hostile towards the private sector and big business.

Much like the stimulus package before it, anything of actual substance they put forward will be heavily slanted towards benefitting that important left-leaning voting bloc--unionized labor.


He's fighting for you. And he's fighting for me.

Gee, I feel better already.


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