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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts analysis: Republicans are stupid

I was content while turning in last night, content in the knowledge that the democrats had done the unthinkable and lost control of “Ted Kennedy’s “ seat in the U.S. Senate.

I was content because I figured that with the Dem’s 60-seat filibuster-proof majority gone up in smoke, perhaps the business community could start seeing some light at the end of the tunnel that is this economic depression.

The democrats have now lost the governorships of both New Jersey and Virginia, lost the Kennedy family’s favorite family heirloom, had two long-entrenched high profile senators walk away from reelection bids, and have even had first-term Blue Dogs say ‘the hell with this.’

And, again, I went to bed thinking that the under-fire private sector has had more and more reasons of late to be optimistic about our future. More and more reasons to believe that investments, production, hiring and profits may be possible yet again, now that the undeniably necessary correction of the gross overreaction of November 2008 is finally afoot.

Without the looming threat of a health care reform fiasco, without economically hamstringing nonsense such as Cap & Trade, and with Democrats suddenly feeling like an endangered species in mid-term 2010, perhaps an end could be in sight to the massive economic downturn. Perhaps the writing is now on the wall, that anti-capitalist rhetoric and confiscatory levels of taxation does not make for a vibrant economy.

But today, all I’ve heard and read from the democrats and their faithful minions was crude smugness, unearned arrogance, name-calling, and unbelievably, finger-pointing at the other side of the political aisle at the thought of the loss of the health care reform push.

They had a 60-vote filibuster-proof majority and couldn’t pass a reform bill. And now with Scott Brown’s unexpected ascendance to the Senate, the blame for a lack of health care reform legislation lies with the republicans?

Um, that’s patently absurd. That’s what they call denial. And denial would be bad enough if it were not for the fact that the leftist types are also lying to themselves as well as the electorate.
Sorry, lefties, but your arrogance belies your inherent stupidity.

How can you dare blame your perceived political paralysis on anyone but yourselves while in possession of that previously mentioned 60-seat filibuster-proof majority? The republicans did it? The republicans need to embrace bipartisanship? That’s all you’ve got while staring a possible political tsunami straight in the face? Face it. You had it within your reach and you blew it.

Whoever had it last broke it. Right?

This following excerpt I snagged from a local blog pretty much sums up everything I’ve heard today.

I’ll not link to said banal blog, but do not believe that to be any reluctance on my part to engage in a pissing match gone electronic brawl, because no such reluctance exists.

Anyway, this excerpt sums it all up very concisely. All of the spin, the name-calling and the utter arrogance on parade designed to deflect blame for the mounting and staggering losses of the party that had the super majority, that supposedly had a surplus of political capitol--the party that blew it all--the democrats.

And that’s what happened in Massachusetts yesterday, when Democrats spat on Ted Kennedy’s grave by losing his seat to a Playgirl Bunny, Teabagging, Right-wing half-wit. So what does that say about the Democratic party? The Democratic Party is the party of complacent, null-singing, hand-holding, cowards who find it easier to capitulate to a never-ending stream of absurd Republican and conservative demands rather than stand up for what’s right, what they believe in, and what’s better for the poor people duped into believing the opposite.

Catch that rubbish?

If you believe the opposite of what the hard-core leftists believe…you are a poor, poor duped person. You know, you are a stupid fu>k.

Nothing arrogant about any of that, is there? Your either with us, or you’re a stupid fu>k. That’s the message the left-leaning keep putting out. That’s one hell of an example of being oooooooh sooooooo bipartisan.

And yet, the left-leaning are now stunned by their suddenly mounting losses at the ballot box. Gee whiz, they just can’t imagine why the “poor…duped” voters are rejecting them when they come baring enormous gifts direct from the federal teat that can never be paid for.

Even while the systematic wake-up calls are being delivered, they remain arrogantly self-assured in their steadfast tone-deafness.

There’s obviously no shortage or poor, duped people running loose right about now. But despite the media template, despite the blogs singing to their respective choirs, despite the arrogance, and despite the overreach--they ain’t republicans.

Sez me.


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"The Lion of the Senate" rolling in his grave!