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Monday, January 18, 2010

March 17, 1962: Where is Markie?

My daughter Peace just keeps bringing to the surface this genealogy stuff that was buried fathoms deep in the internet. I swear, she is to genealogy what Eddie Van Halen is to playing flash-bang harmonics.

You might need a magnifying glass for this one.

My mom told me about this, how he, my dad, was supposed to communicate with my "custodian" by way of coded want ads and whatnot. Sounded pretty far-fetched to me. Like a plot line from an old Perry Mason episode or something. Turns out, it was all true.

And this is the first I've ever heard of my aunt supposedly "aiding" him. Although, after reading that news blurb, I'm not entirety sold on the idea that she was doing as much.

Whatever. The latest unearthing from my, from what seems like a previous life.


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