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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Luzerne County update: Black ice done got the guy in the black robe

What is it with the judges in this county already?

They had the big transfer of power at the courthouse yesterday with a new president judge having been sworn in. In addition, a couple of newly elected judges were sworn in to replace two of the three county judges who were disgraced this past year.

So everything’s on the up-and-up, right?

Nope. I got home from work today, turned on WILK radio and there was Steve Corbett going on and on about how outgoing President Judge Chester B. Muroski wrecked his car last night after the ceremonies, dinner and drinks. And to quote what Muroski said to Corbett earlier today…he had ”one drink.”

Yet, according to the Citizens’ Voice afternoon update:

Muroski said he had one or two drinks at a Kingston bar/restaurant but was not drunk.

“I will tell you I was sober. I was not drunk,” Muroski said in a phone interview today. Muroski said his cell phone was damaged by water Monday and was not operable at the time of the crash.

So he told Steve Corbett he had one drink, yet he told Dave Janoski of the Voice that he had “one or two drinks.” Rutro! Let the speculation begin!

So, you wreck your car, you leave the scene of the accident, and then the fact that you were drinking beforehand is established--by you--and then you call the state police from home before heading off to the emergency room. So much for proper procedure and protocol.

And the only way he could have covered his ass was by requesting that a blood test be done by the hospital staff to determine his Blood Alcohol Level (BAC). Do we think he did as much?

I can tell you this, having a Commercial Drivers License, it is mandatory that I undergo BAC screening even if I’m in a minor traffic accident, even if I did not cause said accident, and even if I remain at the scene as the law stipulates that I do. But I’m not a judge.

As to whether he was polluted or not…you sure got me on all of that. But with everything the judiciary has caused this past year, with the scandalous nonsense supposedly behind us, and at Judge Muroski’s advanced age and experience level, I would have expected better judgment from him.

The beat goes on in Luzerne County. The Times Leader's 'Man of The Year' had a few drinks, wrecked his wheels and left the scene of the accident. Now it’s ‘the black ice done got the guy in the black robe.’

At this point, perhaps it’s a curse upon the judiciary.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Forget about leaving or not leaving...I have One question. Where is MADD when you Really NEED THEM?

Here a sitting judge is saying..."I only had one or two drinks".

I was told by MADD, "inpearment starts with the FIRST DRINK".

WELL...does it, or doesn't it?