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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Luzerne County judge found guilty of DUI

Since former Luzerne County president judge, now Senior judge Chester Muroski has been tried and convicted of drunk driving and other assorted crimes against humanity by Talk Radio Circuit Judge Steve “Drinkin’ & Packin’” Corbett, I’m wondering whether Muroski will appeal his conviction to a higher court at WILK radio, or will he report directly to the local hoosegow.

His 3-day trial offered up a legal precedent in that Judge Corbett rendered his guilty verdict on the first day of the trial.

My question is, is there anyone on the face of god’s great blue and green earth that Judge Corbett doesn’t want fired, forced to resign or to be repeatedly sodomized for “crimes” that barely approach the crime that is consuming mass quantities of alcohol while in possession of a loaded firearm?

Just curious.

From the Times Leader:

A Luzerne County resident who previously was involved in a multi-county campaign plans to seek the Republican nomination in the 10th Congressional District.

David Madeira, 42, of Lehman Township, hasn’t made a public announcement, but on Friday he confirmed to The Times Leader that he will run. He said he will officially declare later this month.

The chiropractor-turned-entrepreneur ran unsuccessfully in 2006 for the state Senate seat that was vacated when Charles Lemmond retired. He finished a distant second to eventual winner Lisa Baker in a five-person race for the GOP nod.

But that experience he gained campaigning and getting his name out to four of the 14 counties in the 10th District could prove important, said Terry Casey, the executive director of the Luzerne County Republican Party.

“Dave’s been around the block and he knows the deal,” Casey said.


I don’t know a helluva lot about this guy, but this part of the Times Leader story made me mumble “damn straight!”

He said he’s tired of seeing the national debt skyrocket and congressmen, including Carney, handing out checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars like it’s their money. He said free spending and borrowing needs to be reined in.

“I have six children. I don’t like the idea of passing that burden on to them,” Madeira said.

He said his conservative viewpoint on the economy is something voters will get behind.

Madeira said he believes 2010 will see “a huge wave of support for ordinary people like myself” who run for office to change the country’s direction.

Damn straight.

And what does Chris Carney’s voting record say to me?

Uh, spend, spend and spend some more.

I’ll be watching this one.

Kayak Dude sent this link along.

While I’ve seen one, two, perhaps three videos about the riverfront enhancements, I had yet to see this one. This one is very well done, and includes interviews of some of the central players as the riverfront project went from idea to drawing board to bricks and mortar.

Wilkes-Barre Waterfront Revitalization (5:00)

The link: Green Life Pennsylvania

If you watch real, real close, you can see Kayak Dude and I paddle into the video aboard the U.S.S. Dude right around the 4:38 mark.

For you military buffs, the U.S.S. Dude is a decommissioned Iowa-class dreadnaught that displaced 46,000 tons before it’s massive 16-inch gun turrets were removed. And, no, this is not the ship the Japanese surrendered on. That was on the Missouri, one of the three sister ships to the Dude.

From the e-mail inbox:


Thanks. Fished it many years ago. When they release water from Lake had better not be standing in midstream too long.

WTF is going on with the River Common? Nothing one website about upcoming events. Spring ain't really that far away. Can you send out some inquiries and find out what is being planned?

Skateboarding convention?



A skateboarding convention? Dude, you caused me to choke almost uncontrollably on a smallish piece of spice cake. Jeez, please be more careful in the future.

Although, you are correct. With Spring but weeks away (hopefully), the 'upcoming events' listings are kind of threadbare.

Mayor Tom? Care to fill us in?

One final thought…

Hope, change, anti-capitalist rhetoric, the constant banging of the Big (insert industry) sucks drum, a more than passing romance with Marxist principles, government-driven health care upheavals, increased taxes, increased energy costs, an insistence on creating “green” jobs only and massively skyrocketing debt equals uncertainty. And uncertainty will not drive a sickened economy out of a deep, deep recession.

You leftists may not be ready to admit it to yourselves just yet, but your team stinks and a rebuilding year is almost upon you. Use your draft picks wisely, because you folks need some talented new blood.

For what it’s worth.



David Madeira said...


Head over to my blog for more interesting comments that resonate with us regular people

Don Williams said...

Uhhh, Mark. If David's site contains more interesting comments for regular folks...what does that make us?

Karen Rice said...

Very cool video! I had to LOL@ the Wallenpaupack remark - when they let the water out in 2006 it made quite a mess downstream...I'd never seen such flooding in the Lackawaxen River in my entire life.

Mark said...

Dude, er, Don,


I have absolutely no problem with being considered irregular.

No matter what they may call me, I have an excuse...I'm the product of three broken homes.

Anonymous said...

Corbett is only peaching the MADD by-line of "inpairment starts with the first drink".
If you believe in MADD then you MUST believe what Corbbett is Preaching.
The judge said,"I had one to two drinks". No one made him state that! He did all on his own.By that statement: where is MADD?

You know where they are...cowerimg in a cornor because...MADD is political whore of the court.

Just like WRC sits there an "try cases", so does MADD.
Now with a "part of their team, caught with their hand in the cookie jar"?
What's one issue organization to do?