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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coal Street Park pics

The following pics were taken from the 7th floor of the highrise at Sherman Hills.

I could tell you why I was there, but that would clearly violate a confidentiality agreement. Let's just say I was there to help ensure the public's health.

I dunno about that picture above. Zoomed in a tad too much, I suppose. Looks like a lumber supply warehouse or something.

The new playground was moved much closer to Coal Street and towards the teener field. That old playground was a death trap. Why, with all of the rolling logs, the wooden pillars and the unusually low wooden overhangs, when I was a teenager and a park regular, I had seen enough people seriously injured there to fill a convoy of ambulances. See, back then we had no medic units. Only ambulances.

It pains me to think that the pool is going to replaced by a soccer field. Actually, the thought of kids playing soccer at what was once my second home pains me.

Ah, soccer. All that's required is a ball and a field. And the rules are as folows: Kick. Soccer, the game of choice for unimaginative Europeans and Third World folks too poor to play anything else. Oh well, I guess mediocrity should have it's place, too.



Anonymous said...

Sorta like volleyball, see the ball hit it with your hand!

Mark said...

What's that?

A shot at one of my daughter's three chosen sports?

If so, consider this. At least she had the stones to wear her name on her back and have at it.

Last I checked, Anonymous was not listed anywhere as a surname.

D.B. Echo said...

I keep thinking you were on a Mario-style rescue mission to the seventh floor of a high-rise in Sherman Hills in search of Gort. After getting the message that he was probably hiding in some other castle, you stopped to snap some pictures. I mean, you hadn't dodged those barrels and climbed those ladders for nothing.

WVW: excre. I excre you not.

The Surge said...

"Too poor to play anything else." (conveniently ignoring the fact that baseball is the No. 1 sport in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Panama, which are third world countries and yet somehow find a way to get equipment). What an idiot you are.