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Friday, June 3, 2011

Buh-bye Barry

Last year, your pretend President Baroke Oblahblah, his clueless ‘Czar’ underlings fresh from academia and the typically leftist-adoring media could not stop using the phrase “Summer of Recovery.

Today, in response to the “unexpected” avalanche of depressing economic news generated by the plethora of sagging economic indicators, the White House called this “bumps on the road to recovery.”

During January of 2009, your president said “The economy is cyclical. It’ll bounce back.” And then he proceeded to waste a trillion stimulus dollars by doling them out along strict ideological, partisan and party lines.

The man is as utterly clueless as he is hapless.

Then he put the first nail in the coffin by wasting nine months on his national health care reform plan which dropped the mother of all uncertainty bombs on the flagging economy.

Then, sticking with the unsettling uncertainty bit, he waffled and waffled and waffled about whether or not he supported an extension of the Bush tax cuts. He eventually pushed to extend them, which meant the two-year extension would nothing for business owners who generally deal in 5 or 10-year financial models.

And then, in response to an accident in a highly dangerous industry, he decided that we should no longer drill for oil off of our own shores.

He set lose the regulatory dogs in search of coal-fired electric production to cripple and then destroy. And Federal regulators even denied construction permits for construction of new clean-coal plants.

By seriously devaluing the dollar by design so as to assuage Wall Street, he has made a trip for groceries a punishing experience.

A need for Quantitative Easing 3 has already been hinted at. Oblahblah himself has called for a second stimulus package so as to buy more votes. The Fedrule deficit is what? 14 trillion? Or is it 16 trillion by now? Does anybody even know? But he wants the debt ceiling raised even higher. Meanwhile, both he and his fellow Democrat debt-ocrats are just itching to raise taxes.


This ‘affirmative action’ pretender to the throne wouldn’t know how to effect an economic recovery if the blueprints jumped up and bit him where his gonads were supposed to be.

Markie’s political advice?

Barry, you ought not seek another term. For the good of the country, think of a plausible excuse and just walk away. You should have stuck with the free condom giveaways at Cabrini-Green.

And as for my ‘Hope & Change’ Democrat friends, think of your vote for the guy who makes Jimmy Carter look like an economic guru this way: You fu>ked up! You trusted him--the man with no resume!

Please, no more pencil-neck geeks.


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