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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grab bag (of jumbled thoughts)

Sue Henry of WILK fame absolutely nailed it earlier today.

In response to our cherub-in-chief, Baroke Oblahblah, once again promising to refocus his oft-oft-oft and oft-refocused energies on job creation all over again (yawn), she likened his familiar words to Groundhog Day.

Kudos, kiddo.

I’ve been intently following the ongoing corruption trial of the two former Lackawanna County commissioners. So much so, I’ve even been tuning in to WILK radio after 3 o’clock. Yeah, I’m man enough to admit it. For the time being, I’ve been subjecting myself to Radio Free Minooka.

A couple of things have come to mind.

The first being that when former commissioner Robert Cordaro frequently appeared on WILK during the recent past, he always, and I mean always struck me as one smart cookie. From what I heard, he always came across as the smartest person in the room. And probably the most personable, too.

But the repeatedly damning testimony emanating from that trial up there in Scranton clearly suggests otherwise. Whether he’s ultimately convicted or found innocent of the half-billion serious charges he faces, my perception of him has taken a precipitous turn for the worse.

The other thing I was reminded of was the once-again growing list of folks who have been employed by WILK, the folks who have guest-hosted on WILK and the folks who have paid to be hosts on WILK that have been sent up the river to the hoosegow.

I used to suspect that perhaps the station management wasn’t properly screening these prospective know-it-alls, movers & shakers and those who would be king.

But after further review, when all of the prospective know-it-alls, movers & shakers and those who would be king in this area seem to be secretly corrupt in some respects, what’s the station management supposed to do?

I know! Go “The Joe Thomas” of Facebook fame 24/7.

Then again, I dunno. It’s just a suggestion.

Even though we are, ideologically speaking, diametrically opposed, I’ve frequently thought of Gort as an electronic wingman of sorts as the local blog scene developed out of virtually nothing into something substantial and mostly worth reading.

I learned early on that he cloaked his identity because of his job. And I respected his decision. And he drew a great measure of respect from me when he suggested out of the blue that we get together over a couple of 12-packs back when darn near everyone else was assaulting me via email for having the temerity to do what I once did on the Internet, and while I lashing out right back at ‘em.

And, yes, he’s a fan of those hapless Philthydumpia pro sports teams, something that could have resulted in his head being stapled back together had he ever stopped by and met my now deceased brother, Ray. Eagles? Phillies? Look, nobody’s perfect.

I talked to him recently, and I was stopped dead in my tracks when he said he thought Barack Obama was doing a “good” job. And even though his comment resulted in tiny bubbles coming out of my nose, I sought out no point/counterpoint exchange.

The thing is, even though he is the oil to my water and vice versa, we’ve never gotten into nastiness to any serious degree. And I think that’s what I’ve always liked about him the most. We could disagree most vociferously 364 days out of the year, but meet on that other day and throw back a couple of beers.

Politics is the ultimate non-contact sport. It is some real cut-throat ugliness when the rubber meets the road to the next election. But only some of us have the ability to fight that good fight like there’s no tomorrow, but then get together the next day at the local pub.

It seems to me that Gort’s interest in, commitment to or available time for writing on the Internet has been waning for some time now. At least, that’s the way it seems to me.

And if any of that is even close to the truth of the matter, he should know that while blogs will come and blogs will go, only a select few--like Gort’s-- will be remembered over the long haul.

If this is the end, either join me here, become the rapid-fire comment regular or simply fade away and enjoy life. But know that no matter what becomes of your once Herculean efforts, if you decide to opt out, your efforts have been widely appreciated.

So what’s the deal, Gort?

Zorcong, V’ger and many others need to know.

RiverFest Update

Not only are myself and Zach--a soon-to-be 4-year RiverFest veteran still a month shy of his 8th birthday--ready to paddle, so are a whole bunch of my immediate family members.

First of all, my nephew Mason (2-year vet), his mom, Jen, and her beau Lenny (1-timers) are signed up and ready to go.

In addition, my youngest daughter Ebon and her fiancé, Jason, have hooked up with Endless Mountain Outfitters for a couple of kayaks.

So for the first time ever, this event will have a family feel to it.

And I couldn’t be happier.


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