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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miles to go before he sleeps

I knew this was coming. With every fiber of my misspent being, I just knew this was coming...

The link: Susquehanna RiverFest Protest Planned

The excerpt: I cannot sit idly by and watch the Wyoming Valley RiverFest be sullied by the likes of Chesapeake Energy and Williams Energy.

Dude, I'm really not sure what you've got up your recycled sleeve, but if need be, count me in. Well, that is, provided that I won't have to walk all the way to the fairgrounds again just to hug a tree.

Gas Stock
Here's what I'm thinking. Hear me out.

The methane gas bubbling up through the waters of the Susquehanna is much more prevalent up north a ways than it is ever likely to be here in the Wyoming Valley.

So, early on the morning of RiverFest at the Apple Tree boat launch, we put in well before the throng of eager paddlers. We glide out about 30 feet, and spin the U.S.S. Dude around so that we're staring back at the long line of folks patiently making their way down the launch.

And after a hearty yelp or something equally startling, I flip open my Zippo, light what could be my very last Newport and then extend my hand sporting that still-lit Zippo outwards over the water as if I mean to drop it.

How much you wanna bet the gas company executives in attendance spin and run for cover? Kaboom!?!

Then again, I'd like to add my name to Standing Stone before I go and gleefully incinerate myself just to make a point.


P.S.--That button I was wearing that day read, "Impeach Everybody." How's that for bipartisan? Oh, and State Rep. Ed Pashinski can attest to that.

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