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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yeah, seriously

The Northeast Marcellus Initiative?


Uh, okay. Let’s go there.

Seriously, Guys? You’re Protesting RiverFest?

The hard-to-read excerpt: Haven’t had the chance yet to formally introduce myself; hope to do that a bit later this week by way of a post on the site. But the quick file on me is that I was born and raised in northeast Pennsylvania — about the length of two unfurled rings of kielbasa from the Susquehanna River. I served in the Marine Corps, and spent time in the Middle East serving our country in Iraq. Since then, most of my professional experience has been in the fight to protect and preserve clean water, most recently as a manager for the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.

 Given that background, then, perhaps you can see why a guy like me would be disappointed in an article like this, which appeared earlier this week in the Times Leader. In it, TL reporter Terrie Morgan-Besecker essentially turns over the space to activists from the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition (GDAC), who decided to launch a formal protest of the Wyoming Valley RiverFest earlier this month simply because the event was supported in part by Chesapeake and Williams. From the piece (after the jump):

 Don Williams of Wyalusing Rocks said he opposes the decision to accept sponsorship money from Chesapeake Energy and Williams Energy Services based on the industry’s history of polluting the Susquehanna River. … “You can’t take money form [sic.] those who are polluting the river,” [GDAC's Scott] Cannon said. “It doesn’t make sense.”

Here’s your first glaring mistake Johnny: the much-targeted GDAC had absolutely nothing to do with the conception of, the planning of or the implementation of that protest. None. Nada. No way. Nope.

In addition, Don Williams is not a member of said group. Duh!

In fact, while GDAC members did in fact willingly flock to that protest, in my opinion, they proved that they are much more adept at holding protest signs overhead than they are having their facts completely straight. And, if I may, winning hearts & minds does not come easily to the overzealous.

Personally, I am not impressed.

Truth is, Don Williams, who has never resided in Wyalusing Rocks (?) was the birth parent of this particular protest. And, no, while he’s never rolled an M1A2 into Iraq or any other water-starved sand kingdom, he has been studiously eyeballing all things water quality in NEPA since I’ve known him---since 2001.

Unlike you, Johnny-come-fracking-lately, he’s not wedded to the company line…

Company line: Methane bubbles? Oh, c’mon, this area is known for methane bubbling up here, there and almost everywhere.

Need a yo-yo? It’s a green yo-yo, proof of our commitment to protecting the environment. No?

Seriously, John?

You’re protesting those who would unequivocally demand that our water supplies are safe and usable for the foreseeable future? For future generations?

Really, John?

That’s what’s got you so ticked off?

That’s what’s got you so spooked, as an advocate of fracking, fracking and more fracking---that somebody might stand in the way of NEPA’s second go-round with unchecked environmental degradation and put a major league dent in your quarterly bonus check?

Seriously, John?

You’re protesting the guy who helped to develop RiverFest?


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