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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kiss the 3rd quarter goodbye

In our much sought after perfect world, we hire yet another platoon of new police officers, we add a newly-formed street sweeper division and we add three new engine companies to our fire department.

Unfortunately, at the national level, we are completely devoid of capable leadership.

CNN Money: State, local layoffs to hit record levels

The excerpt: NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Don't look to state and local governments to prop up the job market.

To the contrary, this cash-strapped sector is set to go on a record-breaking layoff binge when the new fiscal year starts on July 1.

State and local governments are forecast to shed up to 110,000 jobs in the third quarter, the first time the blood-letting has risen into the triple digits, according to IHS Global Insight.
"We're on a downward path," said Greg Daco, principal U.S. economist at IHS. "It's not looking good."

Hope & Change, anyone?

By the way, does anyone know how the pretend president did on the back nine today?

Much like his disastrous budgetary performance to date, I'm thinking he went over the allotted strokes.


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