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Friday, June 24, 2011

"Friendly Fracosaurus"

I found this at Tom Borthwick's site...

Talisman Energy Targets Children with "Friendly Fracosaurus" Gas Coloring Book

The hard-to-read excerpt: In an effort to target children in the unconventional gas debate, Calgary’s Talisman Energy has released a coloring book starring the company’s new spokesman, Talisman Terry. The Fracosaurus narrates the production cycle of unconventional gas, presenting a utopian picture of the fuel source that has galvanized communities around the world concerned over threats to water and health from gas drilling.
Following Talisman Terry, children are simplistically introduced to the complex issues of ...

Did you get a yo-yo, little boy?

Contrast that claptrap with the experiences of my grandson Zach, a month shy of his 8th birthday, who has now participated in four consecutive RiverFest paddling events.

While he may not yet know how to put it into words, he already has a feel for the frustrating duality of the river: that's it's polluted to some degree, but that it also has lots of potential for fun. And I quote the little guy as we were watching the contents of the Butler Mine Tunnel spill out into the Susquehanna River, "It's gooey!"

Complex issues? Water quality?

Here's a yo-yo.

So, KD and I were somewhat correct, even though we were merely hacking on the little guy at the time.

If the gas drillers have their way, the most frightening thing on 'Dinosaur Island' will be the Fracosaurus Erectus.



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