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Monday, June 6, 2011

Word Police alert

This one cracked me the funk up.

I snagged this from a local blog...

Let me do my Conservative Republican imitation for you..."Barry.  Like that Hope and Change yet?  Osama Obama. Obamalama.  This picture." ...and I could go on.  It's as if political criticism from a party of supposed "thinkers" has degraded into nothing more than a bunch of Limbaugh sound bytes.  Note that not only can Republicans do better than that, but they will have to do better in order to win in 2012.

Uh, I"m confused. I thought his birth name was Barry Soweto? So, what, we've got another new rule coming from the other side? No more Barry? How about Tom, Harry, or clueless dick?

Here's the updated rules...

*You cannot use the middle name.

*You cannot use the real surname.

*And now, you cannot use his real first name.

Anything else?

Frankly, that's not a problem for me. All along, I've been modifying his name to correctly match his inept performance as part time president and full time White House golf pro/am coordinator...Baroke Oblahblah. You know what I'm going on about, the country is broken, and in response, he keeps yammering on with the condescending, self-immolating blah, blah, blah and blahs.

In a nutshell, he was a very, very, very bad hire. But I didn't hire him. Did you?

Truth be told, here's the self-important, partisan gibberish that set me off...

Note that not only can Republicans do better than that, but they will have to do better in order to win in 2012.

Preaching to the leftist choir is cool and all. Jeez, thats the oft-repeated act of 99% of the bloggers in this corrupt area. But be served, just because like minds agree doesn't make it so. And haughtily talking down to those of with unlike minds only goes so far as to impress yourself and the like-minded choir.


The only thing the Republicans have to do to win is to sit idly by and allow the charlatan who's name cannot be uttered in public without prior approval to continue to flail all about while his sagging internal polling hints that he might want to plan for his next job...his second ever job.

Luckily, the Republicans are trying to intervene right now, shortly before the man with no Fedrule budget, no resume, no experience, no basis in the economic realities of a free market system and two or three sets of wafting names sends us all to hell.

As far as I'm concerned, I'll call the charlatan any fu>king thing I want. And don't come crying to me when a loaf of bread sets you back a five-spot next year.

You know, grossly devalued dollar. Record deficits. Accelerating inflation begets hyper-inflation. All of that good stuff the Republicans can't hope to match.

Fu>k Barry! And fu>k anyone who dares to play the role of Word Police.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If the President is that bad as you make him out to be, what's sadder....the President (as you hae characterized him), ot the fact that the Republicans couldn't bring someone to the plate better??

If you are not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Step up and do better my friend. Maybe run for public office locally. Hell, maybe even run for President. Do a better job...I wish you the best. Let's throw politcal parties aside and just make this a great place to be.