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Friday, June 17, 2011


For the first time ever, I am conflicted by this event...

From the Times Leader: Preparations flow smoothly for RiverFest 2011

The excerpt: WILKES-BARRE – The floating docks are in place for the dragon boat teams, the sediment has been removed from the boat launch and the river level is expected to be at an optimum depth.

Temperatures are predicted to be around 80 degrees each day of RiverFest. Showers could occur this evening. The Susquehanna River level was at 3.8 feet on Friday afternoon and should be around 3 feet through the weekend.

And as long as the weather cooperates, RiverFest 2011 will be off and running today, continuing through Sunday.
“We’re in good shape,” said Vince Cotrone, RiverFest coordinator. “The docks are floating and they’re not heading toward Berwick. Everything is coming together.”

Here's another link, provided only because of the soon-to-follow excerpt: The Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor

Now the excerpt: The Wyoming Valley RiverFest is an event that seeks to raise environmental awareness, encourage education and foster community involvement in the Wyoming Valley Watershed. RiverFest includes opportunities to canoe or kayak on the Susquehanna River, explore riverside trails, and learn more about the Susquehanna’s wildlife, water quality, history and heritage. You are invited to come and celebrate this regional treasure, the Susquehanna River, in all its beauty, splendor and historical significance.

Environmental awareness?

Water quality?
What? While this year's 12th annual installment of RiverFest is brought to you in part by Chesapeake Energy and Williams Energy, NEPA's foremost providers of methane-tainted waters?
Corporate sponsorships are much-needed and much-appreciated during these dark economic times, but this is just flat-out wrong.
All of which clearly suggests that the RiverFest brain trust needs an immediate infusion of fresh brain matter.
Sez me.

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