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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Markie Drudge

I’m going all Drudge-like on you today.

CNN Money: GM CEO calls for $1 gas tax hike

FOX News: 1 in 3 Employers Will Drop Health Benefits After ObamaCare Kicks In, Survey Finds

LA Times: Obama’s chief economic advisor resigning

ABC News: Obama Says We Don't Know Yet Whether Disappointing Jobs Report is 'a Longer Trend'

CNN Money: Bernanke: Job market 'far from normal'

National Review: Can Obama Overcome Obamanomics?

Human Events: Obama On Jobs: "We Don’t Know Yet What Happened"

An excerpt: This latest head-scratching quote from Obama highlights the difference between his disastrous approach and what the House Republicans are calling for. I find it increasingly difficult to understand how any rational citizen can support the Obama approach. How does it make sense to keep giving more money and power to the man who says every single ramification of his policies is “unexpected?”

All of which leads me to this…ONE…MORE…TIME…

“Note that not only can Republicans do better than that, but they will have to do better in order to win in 2012.”

In actuality, anyone, even some systematically vilified chick from Alaska can do better than to have the lowest percentage of Americans gainfully employed since the Great Depression.

If Barry doesn’t walk away, he is going to be shown the door in a very, very grotesque manner in November of 2012. Well, provided that one more “unexpected“ shock delivered to the economic system doesn‘t put an end to our experiment in democracy long before that.

Barry is one and done.

And deservedly so.


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