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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Drill the Huntsville dam baby, drill!

This is equal parts sad and predictable. Nah, maybe not. Mostly predictable, I'd say.

Some guy just called WILK's Steve Corbett and tried to relay the experiences of some other guy who trespassed in order to snag some close-up pictures of a natural gas drilling rig. The caller said he read this story at Daily Kos. You know, he read it at a blog.

Being the single rudest host in all of talk radio, Corbett interrupted the caller and told him that he could not trust bloggers. He said you cannot count on the accuracy of bloggers because, as he put it, "we don't know who they are."

He went on to say that the accurate information comes from the print media and...wait for it radio. He also said that the caller and Corbett himself would have to be relied upon to stop the invasion of natural gas drilling companies. "You and me together, man."

I've been waiting for this for some time now and, quite frankly, I'm surprised it took this long for Steve Corbett to make this his issue, his fight, as if no one had ever heard of the Marcellus Shale threat before he made it his signature issue.

You can't trust bloggers. There, he finally went and said it. This from a guy who is not allowed to call his wife "my wife."

First of all, as far as the local scene is concerned, it was I, me, Markie the scumbag blogger that fired the very first Marcellus Shale shot in print.

Check the date of that post, Stevie? No, well it was posted on July 26, 2008. Back when you were still rambling on and on and on about being a Mexican.

And being that you've latched on to this issue so, so frightfully late, allow me to fill you in on the pertinent facts.

The oil and gas companies currently setting up shop in our region have been donating tidy campaign sums to politicos, would-be politicos and PA PACs for longer than you've been back from California. And dig this motor mouth, they've been sending contribution checks to both of our gubernatorial hopefuls for a while now.

And since our state legislators care more about their continuing fleecing of he taxpayers than they do those taxpayers, you can expect the lax regulation of the gas drilling industry in PA to continue. You can expect to see as minimal an oversight as possible so long as those campaign war chests continued to be filled by the industry. And you can expect to see a gas severance tax to be enacted immediately after Iran becomes our 51st state completely by choice.

And a moratorium on gas drilling until the environmental ramifications are fully ironed out? Until the infrastructure costs to local municipalities are reasonably assessed? Until emergency management plans are mutually agreed to, paid for in advance and then cemented in place?

That ain't happening, champ. None of that is happening. None of that is going to happen because it's fast becoming obvious that, except for Rep. Lisa Baker, the elected officials are putting their electoral needs before the needs of the people they are sworn to serve.

So, the natural gas drilling will go forward, it will most likely be a disaster for parts of this area, and then afterwards...only afterwards, will the self-serving politicians spring forth to save us from our newest environmental nightmare as the next election go-round draws near for them.

Sorry Steve, but it seems as if it's too late for you to save the world. Again.

But, if you had not been bashing on, belittling and ignoring bloggers at every availbale turn some 2 years ago when the very first claxon call went out, perhaps you could have latched on to this issue and alerted your vast talk radio listening audience while there was still enough time to stave off what now looks to be inevitable.

You can't trust bloggers.

Yep, that's what Johnny-come-lately had to say today.

What a fu>king maroon!



Don Williams said...


The guy is truly delusional. I know who I is. Does he know who he am? Does anyone care?

Kayak Dude

D.B. Echo said...

I didn't notice Steve Corbett's gray ponytail swishing around at Rooney's back in March, when he had a chance to find out who the local bloggers are. Eh, but what does he care? He's in the most ephemeral medium of all. Or are the words that he breathes into the aether being archived somewhere?

Tom Borthwick said...

Most of us on the local and state and, for that matter, national levels are pretty open about who we are, and Morrill especially.

Keep on keepin on, Mark.

Anonymous said...

Markie, I stopped listening to this gas bag asshole about a month ago. Best thing I have ever done.

We need to simply stop giving him what his insecure little ego needs so bad ... Attention.

Ignore the fucking moron. He is not as smart as he thinks he is and he has pulled the wool over his listeners ears since his return. He did not desire to return here, he was fired in Calf., his wife, non wife, got a good job offer here.... That is why he came back.

D.B. Echo said...

Heh. I'm pseudonymous, but anyone who, say, clipped-and-saved the article on the blogger gathering on March 26 knows my name. Not too difficult for a real live journalist to do that bit of research.

frackmountain said...

Twice Corbett said to me, "you will never get a moratorium". It is nailed onto the wall in the locker room of my mind.

I stopped calling him. I have other ways to use my precious time... like keeping in touch with a network of local blogs which are intelligent, well written, creative, and often cutting edge. Thank you Mark!


Big Dan said...

Excellent, insightful post. I fully agree with you about Corbett. He doesn't give a shit about ANYTHING, he's no activist. He's just trying to make it HIS issue, because everything's about HIM. You are dead on.

Where was self-proclaimed "liberal" Steve Corbett when the biggest REAL liberal of our time, Cindy Sheehan, was in his own backyard in Scranton? Nowhere to be found. I was there.