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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Raised on two wheels

Once upon a time, there was this Web site that garnered more than it's fair share of attention only because it dared to go where no one, er, where no Web site had gone before...into the local political scrum.

And during those heady times, this here author, photographer and local political provocateur extraordinaire had this steady sidekick who accompanied him no matter where he went. Well, that is to say, the steady sidekick trailed along behind said trouble-maker on his trail bike, the fabled "Blue Bike."

And the most unique thing borne of that period was that this little boy, Gage Andrew, literally grew up on the Internet, albeit, in pictures.

Left to Right: Taylor Kate, Gage Andrew and Zachary Bryce, June 2005

Truth be told, Wilkes-Barre Online was so widely read in this area, that while out and about on our many, many "bikeabout" adventures, people who had never before met Gage Andrew in person would recognize him and acknowledge him by name, simply because they were watching him grow up on the Internet.

How's that for unique?

But, some 5 years ago, Gage Andrew went and relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee, where he is currently fine-tuning his bicycling prowess. Here he is pictured with his 9th birthday present.

Happy birthday, Gage.

Pedal on, boy!


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Larry Schultz said...

Happy Birthday buddy