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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mickey D's, KFC and now Friendly's: Corporate Amerika killing unsuspecting consumers

This is what happens when clueless sophistes are allowed to dictate the agenda. Er, in this case, the restaurant menu.

Open wide? Friendly's Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt is even worse for you than KFC's Double Down

BY [sic] Rosemary Black


Thursday, June 24th 2010, 12:09 PM

Friendly'sBite at your own risk: Friendly's new sandwich contains as many calories as a woman needs in an entire day.

KFC’s Double Down is so last month, now that Friendly’s has weighed in with its own Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt, a towering concoction that’s even bigger, fatter and unhealthier than its rival.

The monstrous, multilayered sandwich is really three dietary sins in one: a Friendly’s 100% Black Angus Big Beef Burger placed between two whole grilled cheese sandwiches on white bread.

By comparison, the Double Down’s a lightweight, chalking up 540 calories, 32 grams of fat and 1,380 mg. of sodium in its two pieces of fried chicken, bacon slices and Monterey Jack cheese slices.

The newest Friendly’s offering features a staggering 1,500 calories, according to, along with 79 grams of fat and an impressive 2,090 mg. of sodium.

Do you have to taste it to believe it? SlashFood actually did, and found it to be an "embarrassingly pleasurable eating experience," with the grilled cheese "buns" oozing with the proper proportion of cheese and greasiness.

Nutritionally speaking, it might pay to schedule a visit to the cardiologist on your way to Friendly’s to pick up the new sandwich.

"This is insane and very irresponsible - just what Americans don't need," says Keri Gans, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. One of the new triple-decker extravaganzas contains as many calories as the average woman needs for an entire day.
"It contains more artery-clogging saturated fat than advised by health experts," Gans says. "And the amount of sodium is outrageous, exceeding by almost 600 mg. what is being recommended for the 2010 dietary guidelines."

SlashFood tasters conceded, "It’s going to be hard to eat another one of these without feeling significant guilt and remorse."

Unless, of course, you share. With maybe four junk-food addicts?

Um, the incremental indoctrination of Amerika is not flying under the radar anymore. If a national restaurant chain puts a 1,500 calorie burger concoction on the menu, why the media outcry? Why the macro response to the micro non-problem?

We know. We know! We know the deal: From this day forward, we are allowed to eat wheat germ, tofu, salamander caviar and salmon only. We got the oft-ignored message.

So shut the fu>k up already!

If the Friendly Ice Cream Corporation puts such a thing on their menu, why the leftist-inspired angst barely passing as reporting?

Truth be told, I was once employed by this outfit for 5 years, first as an assistant manager at a couple of sites and then later as a general manager of a high-volume store. And being that my speciality was the back-of-house, namely the development of, preparation of, proper storage of and the menu planning of all incoming products, I always found myself butting heads with those who had the final word on any and all menu changes.

To be blunt, I'm of the opinion that the menu at Friendly's includes little more than overpriced, under-valued and subpar products. And that's exactly why I was painted as being a naysayer when I worked for them for far too long. As for me, I want potatoes from Oregon, not some pre-packaged, reconstituted crap from south of the Rio Grande fast destined for the worst piece of equipment that was ever incorporated into a kitchen--the microwave.

And ignore this constant drumbeat about how you're supposedly driving up the cost of health care based on your lifestyle choices. That is so much bullsh*t, it stinks even in it's textual form.

The only reason the cost of health care has exploded, and the only reason the prohibitive cost of health care excludes so many of us is because those 535-plus two jackasses in Washington, D.C. have allowed it to become a pressing issue, a nightmare of a manufactured dilemma from which they will save us. In other words, they are prevaricating all over again.

So, what else is new?

As for myself, even though it does not excite me in the least, I'm going to Friendly's as soon as humanly possible to consume one of these grilled cheese burger killers. And I'm going to post the grotesque pictures when I do.

My point?

Leave us alone.

Allow us to live our lives without your constant browbeating as mandated by the out-of-control U.S. Fedrule Govmint.

The 4th of July is almost upon us, a day the producers of charcoal excitedly pencil in on their calendars year-in and year-out. And all of Amerika wll go bonkers on burgers, hoddogs, chicken, ribs, marshmallows and Allah only knows what else.

So, deal with it you mealy-mouthed children of the revolution.

And thanks again for pissing me off by way of what should be the mundane.


Oscar Mayer!

Party on!


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