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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Energizer Dude

What's next, Kayak Dude: The Movie?

From the Citizens' Voice: River advocate takes up fight against drilling

The excerpt: An advocate for the Susquehanna River is encouraged by the recent naming of the upper Delaware River to a list of the country's most endangered rivers.

Don Williams, whose love of the Susquehanna and skill in navigating it earned him the nickname "Kayak Dude," hopes the designation will lead to a statewide moratorium on natural gas drilling until its effects on rivers and their watersheds are better known.

If and when they do make that movie, I'm hoping to do a cameo.

Wait a second, they already made an Inflatable Dam Documentary featuring none other than Kayak Dude, so perhaps we need a sequel. Maybe a prequel. Either way, I want some creative input when they recreate that still hotly-debated scene at the site of the Pittston raw sewage massacre. I'll be a technical advisor of sorts.

For the sake of accuracy, the question still begs, did he or didn't he drop the mother of all curse words that day?


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