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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leisurely Beer Summit

I just got off the phone with one of those bloggers from the Scranton area.

As I said on Facebook earlier today, I have a full day on Saturday, and I do not feel like hanging out with the pretend pretty people in any of the downtown bars that charge more for a draft than does New York City when a 5-axle vehicle tries to cross a toll bridge.

Harold, don’t sweat the homicide thing. While there was an isolated incident of the fatal kind at Liam’s last year, it’s a quiet corner bar where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. Until that fateful night, that is. My son hangs out in there, and it really is a sedate place.

Anyway, what I told Tom was, I don’t want no road trips, or no glitzy locales or no pretty people. I want to hang at one of the Nord End neighborhood bars and that’s about it. So, at or before 6 pm on Saturday, I will be taking up residence at the Leisure Tavern right here in the Nord End.

It has a large enough bar, plenty of ESPN, a side room, a pool table and a jukebox. And have no fear, a few members of the WBPD usually take up a bar stool at the conclusion of the 2-10 shift. Well, have no fear unless you have outstanding warrants.

Leisure Tavern
553 N Pennsylvania Ave
Wilkes Barre, PA

Directions? Piss off!

Okay, for you Scranton types, 81 South to 309 North, hit Exit 2 (Center City W-B), take a left at the bottom of the exit ramp, right at the first light, left at the stop sign. And there you are--150 yards away. Hint: Neon sign.

Park across the street in front of Bloomsburg Metal.

Anyway, I’m told to expect Tom, Steve, Kayak Dude, a metallic silver robot, with D.B. Echo and Big Dan as possible/probable. Oh, and yours truly.

If we’re missing someone, give them a shout. And if I’ll failed to mention anyone who wants to get together and fix all that ails the world by somewhere thereabout midnight Saturday, drop me an electronic pulse.



Anonymous said...

Would love to make it but will be catering a wedding. Have a festive time.

Mark said...

Set up a buffet and sneak out of there.

Or you could call in a bomb scare and move the reception to the Leisure Tavern.

I dunno.

NEPAsarge said...

I will try to make it there. I am excited to meet you all if I can make it.

Big Dan said...

Mark Cour said he is supplying all the COUR'S beer you can drink...blueberry flavored......

Big Dan said...

NEPAsarge: don't get too excited about meeting Mark...I spoke to him on the phone yesterday, and he's a real JERK....