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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mellow ain't retired yet

The Scranton Times is reporting that "Federal agents are raiding Senator Robert Mellow's Archbald home and his district office in Peckville."

Check for updates on all of that.

The Murray Complex on Courtright Ave. is just about histoire. Amazing. What is that, like a 3-acre complex? And Stell Enterprises removed it from the landscape in a couple of weeks?

While Stell may have removed it from the neighborhood, it cannot be removed from my memories. You know the deal. If I had a dime, if I had a dime for every time grandma and I walked past that old factory while on our way to "Top Spot: Home of The Lulu" burger, I'd be leasing my entire 500 acre spread to Cabot Oil right about now.

Here's something our RiverFest river paddlers have yet to encounter: The old Eighth Street bridge meets the new Eighth Street bridge.

I ran into Carl Romanelli on Public Square and I told him to drop on by the Leisure Tavern tomorrow night if he could make it. Sorry, but us Zappa fans need to stick together. So, if he shows, then this becomes a blogger/candidate event?

Nah, the way I figure it, he's been as big a pain in the ass for the political establishment as have some of us well-traveled Internet raconteurs, so he's one of ours.

He runs with us.

Speaking of the Leisure and RiverFest, too, I was due a check yesterday that never arrived. I have yet to receive a sufficient explanation for that. I'm told it will be here today. And if it does not arrive here today, I am in a heap of trouble.

My 11 fingers will be crossed as the mailman makes his way up this smallish street.

Anyway, I am home early today and planning on doing next to nothing next to waging death and destruction by way of a CD-ROM game.


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