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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gas Odyssey

Follow the link.

Here we have another movie about the Marcellus Shale invasion, but we've run into the dreaded "Embedding disabled by request" nonsense at YouTube, so you'll have to follow the link to see the teaser that comes in at 3:43.

From the YouTube page: A film by Aaron Price about the development of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale in the Southern Tier of New York and Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

World premier on April 16th, 2010 at 7:00 pm, West Middle School, West Middle Avenue, Binghamton, New York.

Anyway, just to pique your interest, Minority called this documentary "A Documentary the Left Doesn't Want You To See."

I kid you not.

The link: Gas Odyssey

Hey, before I head off to beat the grandkids, Entercom's Cathy Donnelly, subbing for a vacationing Sue Henry on WILK, had this to say today: "Boy! Is Steve Corbett getting beat up on the blogs."

And then, without skipping a beat, she went on to chastise the offending blogggers.

Cathy, listen to me tell it.

The Great "Corbett" is a self-promoting showman, nothing more. And no matter how this gas drilling brouhaha plays out, just as soon as it's off of Page 1 above the fold, Corbett will be off to the next issue he thinks he can ride to death in the name of Arbitron ratings.

He saves no one and nothing. He changes nothing. He is to making a difference what the Big Bang was to universal solitude. But please don't tell him I said that because his gargantuan ego does not allow for anything other than adulation, real or imagined.

That said, the meandering Cathy Donnelly is, bar none, my favorite fill-in host on WILK.



D.B. Echo said...

Oooh, which blogger? Anyone I know?

Where does WILK archive these shows? Or do these words just head off into space?

Mark said...

Nope. They are all lost in time...

(What's your favorite TV show?)

Lost in Space.

D.B. Echo said...

It must be nice, working in a medium where stuff you say disappears almost as soon as you say it. Unlike, say, blogging, where your words are instantly backed up to about a billion places you couldn't hunt down if you tried. Radio is ephemeral, but blog posts stick around.