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Monday, June 28, 2010

What good has he done?

I see Gort over at Gort took exception to my comments left at his site, and that's fair enough.

Here's what started the exchange--my comments regarding this stupid Kanjorski "defective" flap:

Non-issue, girls. It's simply a matter of the loose lips being faster than the aging brain. No biggie.

Then again, with that said, our gracious host would not be so bent-over apologetic if a member of that dastardly and evil, that no-good, scumbag-laced opposing political party--well beyond his years--went and said exactly the same words.

It's sad to say, but what we have here is a once-upon-a-time well-meaning poliblogger gone whole-hog party apparatchick.(D) Paul Kanjo can do no wrong, even when he goes "fumblemouth" for the umpteenth time?

Dubya must be scratching his head right about now.

Amazed, I am.

Honestly, nobody should have to put up with that in their own electronic back yard, so Gort fired back at me with the following:

The Blogfather agrees with me .

"Non-issue, girls. It's simply a matter of the loose lips being faster than the aging brain. No biggie. "Then he ripped me for being too partisan. This is from a guy who never has a good thing to say about the President and defends Bush's war's to this day. I hope he is eating well.

Look at my posts from the past 2 years and will you find that I have given more space to the Republican candidates in Luzerne County then the papers have. Such Bullspit.

Yep, I too received the email attacking Kanjo's comments from Barletta's campaign. And since I did not agree with their position, I chose not to make mention of it, even though I'm supposed to be a died-in-the-wool, hardcore Republican.

Interestingly enough, the hard-left local blogosphere rushed to defend Kanjo as soon as he came under attack by the Barletta camp. Tripping over each other, you were. While you may give Barletta some time and space, you'll do whatever it takes to see to it that he loses when it counts. And that's your prerogative. It's still a somewhat free country. Sort of. Almost. So go for it. Doesn't bother me except for the tiresome redundancy of the thing.

And, sure, I'll concede that local Republicans get a lot of exposure on your site, but the honest political animal will admit that 99.9% of them had a defective snowball's chance in Hell of getting themselves elected in this county. Again, no big deal.

As far as not having anything good to say about the clueless wonder currently occupying the oval office, what good has he done?

He and his advisers seriously underestimated the severity of the then-recession, now probably a depression. And they were on record as saying as much.

Oh, the economy is cyclical. It'll bounce back. It always bounces back.


Then they erred by funneling a trillion "stimulus" dollars to constituency groups, namely unions. And when that failed to jump start the economy, they invented a disprovable category all their own--saved jobs. Labor statistics supplied by the govmint suggest that the 10% unemployment rate is grossly inaccurate. And now they are promising a jobless recovery. Recovery? Recovery where? On Guam?

And exactly who was it that pulled the trigger on the September '08 October Surprise that secured his electoral victory over John McCain? Damn. We'll find out who really shot JFK before they ever let that untold story to leak out. The Bush economy was just fine until the economy had to be dealt a near death blow in the name of politics.

He promised to prosecute this Afghanistan war much more aggressively that Dubya ever did. But, the rules of engagement were changed meaning no more close air support, and the checklist that must be completed before any outgoing fire is allowed. Result...more KIAs. And how to fix it? General "Betrayus?"

And just because a group of people repeated the same lines until they finally believed them to be true, Bush Lied, War for Oil and all of that, it still remains to be seen that any of that bunk was true. When are we getting that oil? And what happened to the much-repeated story about how Bush invaded Afghanistan so that American oil companies could build pipelines across that country?

I still maintain that the howling moonbeams on the left told more lies about Iraq than Bush ever did.

When he's not playing golf, or embarrassing himself on the world stage, confusing Israel while incouraging it's enemies, or criticizing the United States at every turn, he's campaigning. I get 3-5 emails every week from Obama's Organizing America outfit.

And I think some of you people need to start religiously reading the foreign press. Not only does the foreign press think he's in over his head, so do most world leaders, former staunch allies and stated enemies of this country.

He has demonized industry large and small. He has made it more expensive for them to do business. And he still maintains that these Bush tax cuts need to come to an end at the end of this year. And then, he's still actively pushing this other economy killer--the Cap, Trade and Tax monstrosity. And we're wondering what's holding the economy back? It's called uncertainty, folks.

And then we learned that the CBO numbers on that so-called health care reform bill were kind of purposely tweaked so as to not seem so frightfully expensive. No lie there. More economic uncertainty. But still, we can't figure out why no one is hiring or investing. Beats me.

As I said going in, Obama had no resume, no experience, no private sector experience and no military service. All he had was Hope and Change. And now, all that we've got is to hope for a change and as soon as possible.

Facts is facts, and you people put a clueless wonder in the White House. "Yes we can" was a mirage. It's more like, "No he can't."

It's been 19 months. And I reiterate, what good has he done?


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